NDP Update

Source: Julia Sibun (NDP)

Response to Questionnaire

We had an excellent response to the completion of the Neighbourhood Development Plan Questionnaire.  A number of residents indicated against some of the categories i.e. green spaces, recreation areas and countryside access that they would like to be signed up for these categories.

Please can those residents who would like to be signed up give their names and contact information to either Andrew MacLean: babumaclean@gmail.com or Julia Sibun: julia@jsibun.co.uk

Recruitment to the NDP Committee

The Parish Council have given their approval that the Neighbourhood Development Plan be produced and the existing team of residents involved with the project would like to recruit further members to the team. 

If you are interested in improving the facilities and amenities of the village, and carefully helping to lay out a plan for any future improvements and development whether it be connected to green spaces, children’s recreation areas, traffic issues, cycle ways, trim trails, allotments, affordable housing etc please contact either Andrew MacLean: babumaclean@gmail.com or Julia Sibun: julia@jsibun.co.uk

We need new members from the village now to join the team!! Please help us to help you.

IT Professional

Further to the call for residents to join the Neighbourhood Development Plan team we particular we would like to invite an IT professional to volunteer to be a member of the team.  We do not have anyone on the team with IT expertise but we do require advice to ensure that fibre optic broadband is installed in the village without delay, and this area must be incorporated in the Neighbourhood Development Plan

Please contact either Andrew MacLean: babumaclean@gmail.com or
Julia Sibun: julia@jsibun.co.uk

3 thoughts on “NDP Update

  1. Jerry, not sure who is smoking what? Fibre Broadband we have, and you hear about how good it is every day??? Gigaclear by passed Upper Rissington and who is going to force BT to do anything certainly not an IT specialist? good luck with that one!! The poor souls moving into the Officers mess cannot get a telephone and have been offered broadband at Dial up speeds only! We need FTTP, FTTC does not work in a place this size!

  2. Mike – please address these comments to Julia Sibun or Andrew Maclean – e-mail addresses above. I am publicising their updates only.

    NB: Not that it helps we had dial up speeds only until about 3 years ago (that should have been outlined during their purchase).

  3. The whole of VF is owned by LinBo and will stay that way for the next 5 -6 years so until Bovis declare it ready for handover nothing will happen! In the meantime we have the battle of getting the S106 delivered and Andrew seems to think we will get a trim trail, as I say someone is smoking some powerful socks as right now there is no trim trail! Let’s treat the cause of the problem not the symptoms! The CGR and the establishment of a representative PC must come first. Not my responsibility to educate these people! If they bothered to talk to people properly on Victory Fields they may get to understand what is really going on! The questionaire they put out did not address any reality just people’s perceptions of what they wanted. This is why GCB stepped in to create URCLG!

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