Neighbourhood Development Plan gets off the ground!

Those who have intimated they want to get involved with the above scheme will know that Andrew Maclean has organised another meeting next week.

Information below from here.

Parish and town councils and neighbourhood forums can write a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for their area. The NDP can set out policies and plans for that area, like a Development Plan Document but on a very local scale. Subject to conforming to national policies, as well as local plan policies for the area, and gaining support through a referendum of the local area, this plan will be adopted as a formal part of the development plan. This means that planning decisions have to be made in accordance with the neighbourhood plan (and other parts of the development plan) unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

The neighbourhood plan cannot cover strategic issues, for example mining or major development, but can guide local issues. For example the plan should be able to say which important green spaces will be protected, or could identify sites that are appropriate for new local shops or a small affordable housing development. NDPs could also guide design standards in their area, to make sure that new development is of a high quality.

NDPs have to conform with ‘the strategic priorities’ of the relevant local plan, but in planning decisions, if there is a conflict between a neighbourhood policy and a non-strategic local policy, the neighbourhood policy will take precedence. ‘Strategic priorities’ are defined in the National Planning Policy Framework as:

  • the homes and jobs needed in the area
  • the provision of retail, leisure and other commercial development
  • the provision of infrastructure for transport, telecommunications, waste management, water supply, wastewater, flood risk and coastal change management, and the provision of minerals and energy (including heat)
    the provision of health, security, community and cultural infrastrcuture and other local facilities
  • climate change mitigation and adaptation, conservation and enhancement of the natural and historic environment, including landscape.
  • Because NDPs are included in the development plan they should only cover land use planning issues, and not broader local concerns, for example crime or health, that Parish Plans can address.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) provides some guidance on what the scope of NDPs might be able to be. NDPs cannot plan for less development than the local plan, but they can plan for more.

2 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Development Plan gets off the ground!

  1. Detail will follow here:

    A meeting took place last night chaired by Andrew Maclean. A large village contingent was also present with Nigel Moor and Mark Mackenzie-Charrington also present.

    Various specialist groups were set up and further meetings and coordinations where programmed, including a deadline to complete the plan by.

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