New Bench

The village have gained a new bench and more concrete in area that’s called Jubilee Gardens. Be nice if they could be installed without the concrete, as its so unsightly and environmentally unfriendly material. Maybe, if more benches are bought for the village the installers could look at another method of securing the benches.

However, very pleased to see we have gained something people can use.

This is one of the items I have campaigned for since living in the village and of course we need more, especially when Victory Fields is finished.

2 thoughts on “New Bench

  1. Concrete isn’t one of the best materials, agree but gives a secure base to attach the bench to, the wooden legs aren’t on soil and grass/weeds isn’t a problem under the bench.

    PS Out of date pictures, as the bench has for a week now, not had the support structure while the concrete went off.

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