Officers Mess


Officers Mess
Officers Mess

The developers submitted plans to demolish the core of the Officers Mess and rebuild a facsimile of the original building but obviously to modern standards. This proposal was refused at the last planning meeting held at CDC with the planning officer Deborah Smith.

Lindens intention was to redevelop the site by 2016. My feelings are that they will now submit plans to demolish the whole site and rebuild. If this doesn’t happen we will be left with a crumbling eyesore for decades.

What a shame that the CDC didn’t accept the original proposal.


4 thoughts on “Officers Mess

  1. Fingers crossed we may have some good news regarding this development soon.

    Councillor Moore also mentioned that the Coop are still looking to relocate, but to a smaller building in the new development. He said the extra space would be allocated to a new Chemist (Badhams).

  2. Well you heard it here – the Officers Mess isn’t being demolished, it will be refurbished. The infrastructure changes are all part of the process of redevelopment.

    It will be very interesting to see the apartments – could be an ideal place to retire too.

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