Officers Mess Fountain

Karen Milroy has found out more about the Fountain outside the Officers Mess after researching the little Castle outside the old Station Headquarters.

This is the information Karen found from this document

Concrete statues of Romulus and Remus greet visitors entering Stoberry Park, Wells, Somerset. Similar concrete ornamental features including a fountain and a model castle can be found at the former RAF Little Rissington, Gloucestershire. At the Warcop Army Training Estate in Cumbria carved stone blocks have been placed in the flanking walls of a tank range blockhouse.”

We believe that the developers will ensure these artefacts are to be preserved and cooperation with the Parish Council is being sought to find the best means to do this.

I believe it also needs someone to take “ownership” of this and the castle to keep them in good condition.

Thanks to all for bringing these items into the public domain, Liam, Pat, Jackie and BBC Gloucester Radio.

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11 thoughts on “Officers Mess Fountain

  1. Jerry I have today received a reply back from Historic England 🙂 The following information was provided by Roger Thomas who wrote the report for English Heritage back in 2003:

    “I’m afraid it is some considerable time since Colum Giles and I first visited RAF Little Rissington and at that time, it was still all in MoD hands and the Americans had not long vacated the site that long. I was made aware of the castle and the fountain by the MoD security staff, who took great pride in showing us around the site and making sure we knew the background of the two POW features. Nevertheless, they were unable to tell us which camp the German POWs came from, but I seem to remember that the castle was signed and dated, and was told that there was a signature lurking somewhere on the fountain. The survey was undertaken as a part of the MoD Disposals on a Level 1 basis using 35mm b&w photography, as we only had two days to do the whole site. The photos I took should be lurking in the archive somewhere. I’ll see if I took any colour slides at all, but I don’t think so. I’m aware of five POW camps that existed in Gloucestershire and only two are near enough to be possible sites where the prisoners were originally held, Bourton Camp, Bourton on the Hill (NGR SP 160 321) and Springhill Lodge camp, Five Miles Drive (NGR SP 132 357). Given the fluidity with which PoWs were held post war, it is possible that some were being held in a hostel near to the airfield, or even in accommodation on the airfield.”

    Very interesting that he talks about a signature on the fountain too!

  2. Sad to see the state they are both in now, after reading what pride the MoD had in them 🙁

  3. Did you noticed that from about 7 to 12 (as on a clock face), the path round it is covered in soil, I hope this is a mistake and will be cleared off, as it looks rather odd.

    Great see they have done some restoration work and now planted in it 🙂

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