Development Layout of Officers Mess

Thought it maybe beneficial to list the planning application and the layout the developers are working too. See this link: Cotswold Planning Link: 15_05141

When you look at the Main Building there is an awful lot of demolition to be done. There are 58 homes to go into this space, which probably means 100 cars. Wellington Road is going to get very busy.

Officers Mess Layout


2 thoughts on “Development Layout of Officers Mess

  1. Vigilant – a very good question and I hope so.

    I also know at the last Council meeting there was a representation to keep a footpath open that had become active while the Officers Mess was falling into ruin.

    The footpath is behind the new houses being built and is planned to become part of the new gardens and at the time of planning was not being used for 20 years.

    Personally, as the allotments have access from another route – I have no opinion on this matter, as I hardly ever used it and personally if I bought one of the homes being discussed I would not want a footpath in my rear garden.

    Alos, with 6 miles of path going to be laid – why request more??

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