Open Space Meeting

There will be a “private” meeting with Bovis and Linden in the evening of the 11th August in the new Village Hall off Wellington Road to discuss Open Spaces.

Once the real landscaping begins we will have some fantastic facilities in Upper Rissington.

  • 3 x Football / Rugby pitches
  • 2 x Tennis Courts
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Bowling Green
  • 21 Allotments
  • 5 x LEAPS
  • Cycle ways
  • 6 miles of Footpaths
  • Maize

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8 thoughts on “Open Space Meeting

  1. Well been here for 20 years and said the same every year lol and they are only doing what already here just marking or upgrading they don’t spend money

  2. When the facilities promised have been completed the village will be a wonderful place to live in. Trim Trails, Cycle Paths and wooded areas to name but a few.

    However, it was interesting to hear that the planned Football Pitch listed in the S106 was deemed unnecessary and was proposed by a member of the URPC to become a wild flower meadow instead.

    Considering the shortage of facilities in the village the proposal to relinquish this facility is short-sighted. People have bought homes on the basis of the developers providing promised services.

    Hopefully, we can add to this post or elsewhere, what was actually said by those present. In fact there was only one member of the Parish Council present and two managers from the development.

  3. What was the response? That will make interesting reading now we know exactly what appeared in December 2016, the modified S106, that never even got submitted to CDC but to which some contractors are still working! Check out the allotment car park?

  4. There is not supposed to be an Allotment carpark next to the allotments (edit – there is parking on Godfrey Place). In fact the pathways built down there are not in the right place.


  5. Deborah Smith is requesting one? Allotments with no vehicular access and no car park, that’s a first! Who was around when the S106 was first prepared? Seems a lot of obvious things missing for whatever reasons?

    1. Am I missing something here! The posted plan above has the words “Allotment car parking” on it.

      Back in the Reland days, there was no allotments on the plan at all 😮

  6. Linden have categorically stated no Car park near Godfrey place and this is consistent with the non approved S106! It contradicts what Bovis have committed to do!

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