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This morning I collected a sack full of rubbish on the Barrington Road (village section). We seem to do this every 10 days. Where does it come from? Community, construction workers and people passing through. The stuff that does surprise are the amount of beer cans  and wine bottles.

Later in the day I cycled around Victory Fields, the houses are looking great and the residents are taking great care of them. However, what does surprise is the amount of plastic waste everywhere. Obviously there is other waste such as cans and paper littering the open spaces.

My only question is why doesn’t each resident go out and collect whats opposite their house? This would make a much better environment for us all.

Just a thought for the day……….Check this link out and be disappointed. However, be grateful we live in Upper Rissington.






6 thoughts on “Our Proud Village

  1. I don’t understand why each time we go for a walk we take black bags and clear rubbish.

    What a great link about Rubbish but of course all very sad this happens and so much of it.

    If we all did our bit as one resident said outside your front door even if it’s not your rubbish pick it up; the village would be a much cleaner place.

    It was suggested by the last council we had signs desinged by the children and made with KURB (Keep Upper Rissington Beautiful).

    Shame we never got that done.

  2. with all the open skips scattered around the site and the gale force winds, it really doesn’t take much for the contents to get blown out. There is a pallet propped up against a tree opposite my house, its been bugging me for a few days, so tonight under the cover of darkness I will take said pallet and throw it in a skip! Or I may even upcycle it!!
    Would be nice as well to actually have some bins around the new site! That might actually help keep the site a little tidier!

  3. I agree, regarding the skips. The contracted builders mostly drop litter where they work or when on a break.

    I know the pallet you mean, I’m amazed it hasn’t been removed. Also that area of grass where the pallet stands has a quantity of litter. I even thought about collecting it, I would if I lived on that section of Mitchell Way.

    I guess once work is complete and there is contracted maintenance, it will look great.

  4. Well the pallet has gone, someone must have beat me to it! Think your right as the work is completed areas will start to tidy up, just a shame the grass area on that side of Mitchell Way has not been landscaped properly, it might encourage less litter dropping.

  5. Just walked around the site and the waste isn’t all from builders. There is a gate open that accesses the airfield from Hercules Close and there is someone’s empty boxes thrown through from a resident – including a BBQ, Lawn Mower, cereal boxes and bathroom fitting boxes to name but a few. Glad I don’t live there.

    Have to say the rubbish on the airfield side of the fence is immense.

    Saw the pallet had gone – which is great and I believe some of the rubbish had gone.

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