Street Lights & Paths

EMG are busy digging up roads to lay electricity cables to the lights they installed within the last three years. Sometimes you may be fortunate in that the road top surface has not been laid, sometimes not. There is also […]

Playpark – Out of Order

This notice is on the Parish Council website: Repairs are needed to two items of equipment in the Play Park. Until these repairs can be arranged, residents are asked not to use them.Tape has been put around the affected items […]

Drug Paraphernalia & Suspicious Vehicles

PCSO 9251 Charlie Symes I would like residents to remain especially vigilant from 6pm till 9pm around the park in the centre of Upper Rissington for anyone using any drug especially if they are around vehicles. And to, if safe […]

Aldi in Moreton – Cash Machine attempt…

Photo: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire VANDALS tried to steal a cash machine from a Cotswold supermarket after reversing a vehicle into the building. Police were called to reports of vehicles behaving suspiciously in the car park at Aldi in Stow Road, […]

Public Open Spaces Planning Application 17/04151/FUL

Public Open Spaces Planning Application 17/04151/FUL Please use this as a template if necessary. You can discus the topic here if required. We object, in principle, to the proposals currently submitted as they are not in accordance with the approved […]

More on Roads and Paths in Victory Fields.

Bruce Simmonds (Gloucester County Council) has been made aware of the following problems at UR, by a very proactive resident. Roundabout flooding incident. Street sign for Beechcraft Road. Lack of work this week on the road surfacing and re levelling […]

A change of direction – Website to Forum

This website will continue into 2018 and beyond in its basic format. The base website will always have the latest article and images. However, if you want to discus anything you will need to register for any new articles published […]

School Extension – Change of Stone

Check planning application 17/03823/COMPLY for change of stone used for classroom extension (Agreed). 17_03823_COMPLY–1136652 17_03823_COMPLY-EXISTING___PROPOSED_ELEVATIONS-1121336 17_03823_COMPLY-EXISTING_SITE_PLAN-1121342 17_03823_COMPLY-PROPOSED_GROUND_FLOOR_PLAN-1121337 17_03823_COMPLY-PROPOSED_SITE_PLAN-1121343 17_03823_COMPLY-SAMPLE_STONE_-COTTAGE-_COTSWOLD_VILLAGE-1134951 17_03823_COMPLY-USER_DEFINED_ATTACHMENT-1121344

Council funding helps to create fabulous new public play area for Eastleach

Below is a press release describing how Eastleach funded a new play area. This HAS to be something URPC should investigate. Release date: 7 November 2017 from Cotswold District Council Residents in Eastleach have thanked Cotswold District Council and Gloucestershire […]

Wash Up from meeting on 3rd Nov with local MP

Here is the link to the Audio File covering the whole meeting. Also please read in conjunction with the Agenda Meeting post. Photograph: L to R. Mark Mackenzie-Charrington, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, Nigel Moor. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP said there will be […]

Concerns over CDC new company: Publica.

News from Cotswold Journal. See this link also……..PUBLICA A NEW company established by Cotswold District Council and three other councils has officially launched, despite concerns over ‘democratic accountability’. Yesterday, 98 per cent of employees at CDC and staff at councils […]

Parish Council Meeting – 8th November 2017

Parish Council Meeting (a.k.a The Dawn Laird Roadshow. When: 8th November 2017 Where: Upper Rissington Village Hall Time: 19:30 Agenda: Parish Council Agenda – 8th November 2017 Payments List – 8th November 2017 Payments List (Additional) – 8th November 2017 Audio Minutes […]

Coop in Bourton-on-the-Water

Information from Wilts & Gloucester Standard EDIT: The store was opened in mid-October. A NEW eco-friendly supermarket is coming to Bourton-on-the-Water, which will feature renewable energy to help power the store, as well energy efficient technologies. The new 14,517 sq. […]

Resignation of URPC

I am sure most people are aware that recently a petition circulated the village requesting the Parish Council to resign. I am also aware that it did reach everyone in the village, so there maybe more signatories to add to […]

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP – Newsletter

Below is an extract from MP Geoffrey Clifton-Browns Newsletter dated 26 October 2017, the full version can be downloaded here Council Meetings On to the Cotswold District Council (CDC) in Cirencester to meet constituents from Upper Rissington, County Councillor Nigel […]

Agenda for Public Meeting on 3rd Nov

Public Meeting – Victory Fields Upper Rissington Friday 3rd November 6.00pm Village Hall Wellington Road to be chaired by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP FRICS. Picture: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP Below are a list of 50 questions to be submitted to Bovis Homes, […]

PC Payments List Discrepancies!

Please see below the Payments list published before the Parish Council Meeting of the 11th October 2017. Beneath that is the one from the Minutes – spot the difference. I think Cllr Laird clearly likes playing these games?

VF – Public Open Space – CDC Portal – Oct ’17

Public Open Space – Play Areas / Trim Trail – Planning Application: 17/04151/FUL from this website link. Please make your comments by 16th November 2017. You can discuss this topic in more detail here. Covering Letter 17_04151_FUL-COVERING_LETTER-1134549 17_04151_FUL-PLAYSPACE_OVERVIEW-1133010 17_04151_FUL-TRIM_TRAIL-1132972 17_04151_FUL-LEAP_01_-_COUNTRY_PARK-1132966 […]

Parish Council Noticeboard

Here is the Noticeboard agreed under the Chairmanship of Edward Timms and supplied 3 years later at an exorbitant cost of £2500. Good to see the councillors wasting Linbo money this time and not our own. On a positive note […]