More on Septic Tanks – Environment Agency

Please be aware that, to comply with recent legislation, homeowners with a septic tank or a package sewage treatment plant must register their systems with the Environment Agency as soon as possible, or obtain an environmental permit . The EA […]

Homeowners set to benefit from sewer change

Homeowners set to benefit from sewer changes 12:00pm Wednesday 20th July 2011 By Andrea Glennon HOMEOWNERS will benefit when Thames Water takes on maintenance responsibility for more private sewers later this year. Currently residents are responsible for waste pipes running […]

Dog walkers reminded of responsibilities

GLOUCESTERSHIRE police are reminding dog walkers of their responsibilities this summer. The message follows a number of incidents in the county in recent months where people or other animals have been injured due to a dog owner not exercising the […]

Fatal road traffic collision on the A424

By Gemma Casey TWO people died following a car crash near Stow-on-the-Wold yesterday. Gloucestershire Police are now appealing for information following the accident. The collision happened at approximately 4.15pm yesterday, Wednesday June 22, on the A424 around three miles out […]

Son of PC – given ban.

Son of PC given ban A POLICEWOMAN’S son who careered around a village green doing ‘donuts’ with a friend clinging to the bonnet of his car has been banned from driving for a year. Alexander Frazer’s antics in his Ford […]

Land Girls filmed here.

Just watched an episode on BBC (15 May 2011). The airfield location used for the Dakota (DC-3) was our very own RAF Little Rissington. You could see the Devonair hangars and the Fire Service Hanger to the South, plus a […]

Thieves back in the Officers Mess

It appears that thieves have been at the Officers Mess again on Monday 🙁 They were taking lead off the roof and were also stripping out wire for the copper. Reland have called the police and are checking the security […]

Reland TPO Request – 2008

This information was found by “David” and I thought it would be great for others to see the original tree application as David thought I would. The application uses a map that predates the development of the domestic site specifically […]

Gladedale Development Meeting – 14th March 2011

All information has been supplied by Nicholas Mason. Parish Council – Upper Rissington. See Contacts. Please note that there will be an Open Meeting with the developers next Monday, 14 March, to discuss the development. You may already be aware […]

National Day of Library Action: Saturday 5th February

This Saturday (5th), library users from across the county have organised events in their local libraries. The day will be fun and celebratory but makes a serious point about the role libraries play in our communities. Events include read-ins and […]

The Village Hall

Today after attending the Council Meeting last night, I decided to take some pictures of the Village Hall. It is a fantastic resource for all the clubs that use it and I’m sure they are pleased of such a place […]

Fly Tipping

Really disappointed to see a pile of paving slab blocks and other debris accumulating on the grassed / tree area around Grebe Square. Contacted Council to arrange removal – unsure if they will (looks as though it might be a […]

2011 – Reland Begin Work

Another year older and it’s 2011 the year Reland start work on the project at Upper Rissington. First is the upgraded infrastructure for the whole site, I quote from Reland late last year: Present plans means that work could start […]

Snow – 18 Dec 2010

Snow – lots of it at Upper Rissington. The adopted roads were cleared very quickly by this tractor. Meanwhile, a snow blower cleared the industrial park that Reland administer.This same blower is then supposed to clear the unadopted residential roads, […]

Cotswold church service pays tribute to brave pilot!

This Sunday parishes across the Cotswolds will hold Remembrance Services as people unite in paying tribute to the heroism of men and women in wartime. Those attending the Windrush Church service will also witness the dedication of a memorial bench […]

Development Update – 23rd August @ the Village Hall

There is a meeting in the Village Hall at 0730pm on Monday 23 August by the developers (Gladedale). They will be outlining the planned infrastructure work to be undrtaken before any construction begins. Present plans means that work could start […]

Heating Homes at Upper Rissington

Nearly a year ago – Ice Energy visited Upper Rissington and were promoting their product with a discount installation for their Heat Pumps. Did anyone take them up on this? I ask because our heating costs using Calor mains LPG […]

Village Clean-Up – 8 May 2010

Thanks to the recent very informative Parish Council Newsletter I was aware that there was a village clean-up organized for this morning. Despite very unlike May weather – nearly a dozen people dressed themselves in High Viz jackets and collected […]