Parish Clerk Required

At the meeting of the 31st July of the Parish Council agreed the following.

  1. Clerk:
    1. (i)  To authorize the Acting Clerk to liaise with GAPTC to determine the pay scale and number of hours needed for the Clerk’s role – Proposed by MJ, seconded by BH. Motion unanimously carried.
    2. (ii)  To authorize the Acting Clerk to produce a short-list of candidates for consideration by Councillors following advertisement of the vacancy – it was suggested the position be advertised on the PC website, parish notice boards, GAPTC website, SLCC website and any other appropriate job advertisement websites. Proposed by AP, seconded by RW. Motion unanimously carried.

As a consequence, if anyone is interested in this very challenging position, I would advise you contact URPC. I am sure URPC will advertise the position themselves very soon. I would also advise any potential candidates to ask the previous clerks for any tips for the interview. It is noted SLCC website (unlikely as this council no longer pays for the privilege).


Telephone: 01451 810839

Upper Rissington Village Hall
Wellington Road
Upper Rissington
GL54 2QW
United Kingdom

26 thoughts on “Parish Clerk Required

  1. It was very telling when Cllr Laird read out the jobs that needed doing and a few she read out, she said were the priority but it seems getting a replacement Clerk, wasn’t one of the priorities!

  2. They knew they were getting rid of her, so no excuse to be two months down the line and no sign of an advert anywhere!

    1. Shocking – double standards. Plus the fact that a Councillor is doing the job without the approved qualifications, you would think it would be a priority to get a full time clerk. My guess, is URPC now have control and can hide payments until the audit. Whereas, a professional clerk (like Debbie) would leave the cupboard bare for all to see.

  3. And given they would not subscribe to SLCC when Debbie Hill was here. Therefore they won’t be advertising there, unless they have subscribed secretly without declaration to the public.

  4. During correspondence form Cllr Laird, This is what she says about a new clerk position:

    Finally, the administration support, employed by the Council, is undertaking the most pressing council matters. It has yet to be seen whether the Council employs a qualified clerk, but, in the meantime, I am acting clerk and shall be answering e-mails.

  5. Jerry, you should demand that she steps down as Councillor during this period and copy Nigel Adams as its a conflict of interest with the finances!

  6. Not only has the Clerk’s Job Description have the wrong email address, it also has the old village hall address of Hawker Square – how lazy!

    And is that mobile number still in use, as the PC don’t show it in the Contacts area on their web site any-more?

  7. Not Lazy David, what better way of NOT receiving applications! Certainly a reactive PC rather than proactive maybe because they spend all their time shuffling paper and depositing our precept in the bank??

  8. Or maybe as they haven’t a clerk in place they are doing the best they can, I’m sure many of us have made errors when copying and pasting from other documents in haste.
    From reading the posts and comments on here it seems the parish council is damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  9. They reap what they sow. They had a professional clerk and decided secretely to terminate her contract. If they behaved ethically, then maybe I would have a different view point.

    Unfortunately, they don’t and never will.

  10. Jerry you cannot argue with M Hobbs, because the PC never does they are damned and will continue to be so until they do serve the community rather than themselves! Most people think the same as you but that does not make the PC stop and think about their actions! They just do not care about the community they are supposed to serve!

    1. Jerry, my advice was there was no argument as the PC does nothing so perhaps Margie does not understand basic English?

    2. Not an insider, just new.

      No Mike I didn’t understand your version of English, I’m sure it made sense to you.

  11. Why would anyone serve on this autocratic council? The last Clerk was paid to leave. The previous to that was intimidated to leave. So it goes on and on and on. Anyone knowing the history of Upper Rissington Parish Council will not apply for the position until the Acting Clerk and her side kick resign….

    1. Unfortunately, I totally agree. You reap what you sow.

      Until, this PC realises they cannot treat people like expendable commodities then no one will ever apply for this position.

  12. There are many different points of view: BUT when you know all the History of URPC/Clerk then maybe your view would harden.

    I do not like to see public monies been spent unapproved which is what is currently happening and is illegal.

    Payment list changing after it goes up: once a agenda is published then no changes should be made.

    As a member of the parish I should be able to see the Cheque book bank statements and invoices but this has been refused WHY? Because we will see what has been going on.

    And a 10 hr clerk job will never work in a parish this size.

  13. I have noticed Dawn Laird posts on the website on weekends and is in the Village Hall office for many hours during the week. So how on earth will 10 hours be sufficient for a new clerk? Of course it won’t – another reason why no one has applied for the position.

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