CX – PC Meeting – 10th Oct 2018 – CX

What: Parish Council Meeting
Date: 10 Oct 2018
When: 19:30
Where: Village Hall

Youtube Video of the Meeting: TBD

Extracts from the above, I feel need to make a minor comment:

Banking and Investments:

  1. To consider adopting a Treasury Management Strategy for 2018-19.
  2. To consider opening an investment account in accordance with the strategy.

My comment: Investment accounts with more than £100,000 for a small village parish council are ridiculous and unforgivable   The purpose of the precept is to use it for village amenities, not behave like an investment bank.

Spring Bulbs:

  1. To authorise expenditure of up to £500 to purchase spring bulbs to plant around the village.
  2. To consider and agree the area(s) to be planted with spring bulbs, and
  3. To seek volunteers to help with planting, and appoint a lead co-ordinator.

My comment: I have volunteered to plant the bulbs at least twice this year and once last year, yet again they are asking for volunteers! WHY?  

Plus, if they delay much longer, this year planting period will be missed again. Any area that will be planted needs preparing  first. Any other volunteers, please let URPC know.

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3 thoughts on “CX – PC Meeting – 10th Oct 2018 – CX

  1. I was hoping to see a review and to accept a tree surgeon’s quote for inspecting PC trees, in the agenda. The trees are now loosing their leaves rapidly and in another months time what leaves will be left, making an assessment of the tree’s health more difficult and having talked to the person who inspected them back in 2014, more difficult to identify tree species.

    Banking and Investments:
    This is just so wrong for a small village. Yes, some money has to be kept back but £100,000 is offensive. Cllr Hanks tried to explain why last PC meeting but figures quoted were very vague.

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