Parish Council Meeting – 12 Dec 2018

3 thoughts on “Parish Council Meeting – 12 Dec 2018

  1. Below is an extract from this meetings Agenda:

    To Resolve to move in to a Confidential Session to discuss Separate Business, pursuant to s.1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 and Standing Order 19a: The public and press should leave the meeting during the consideration of:
    ++Annual Leave: To consider Clerk’s annual leave request.
    ++Overtime: To review Clerk’s timesheets and approve overtime.
    ++Confidential Staff Matter: To receive a report from the Chairman, consider how to progress the matter and approve expenditure for HR advice, if required.

    Why are the above items in a Confidential Session?

    Why is URPC constantly paying overtime? Clearly, the best solution is an increase in contractual hours.

    Why is URPC wasting more money on HR advice? My precept should be for village maintenance and improvements not legal advice.

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