Parish Council Meeting – 13 December ’17

What: Upper Rissington Parish Council Meeting
When: 13th December at 7:30pm
When: 19:30
Agenda: Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 13th December 2017
Comments:An interesting Agenda, this one looks to have been written in someone else’s style and has a comprehensive list of items, could it be the new clerk allowed to do her job.

Considering new play park equipment (remember there are grants).
Tenders for cutting perimeter hedge and grass (hope common sense is applied and all grass is cut – as technically the sports pitch is cut and it doesn’t belong to them).
Allowing a councillor to check the finances (not DH or BH please).
Setting up a Youth Council – obvious this is from a new Cllr.
NO confidential session.

Unsure – but makes sense:
To approve Terms of Reference for the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.
To consider and approve the area to be designated as the Neighbourhood Area.
Items for future meetings: To receive future agenda items (email addresses, disabled access, disciplinary and grievance policy).

Possible Negative:
Grass cutting tender – to agree the areas in the village to be included in the tender.

Acting Clerks expenses for one month are excessive at £276.85 (clearly hiding something in it – HR. Boss for example).
£6000 for the Village Hall lightning conductor system….

Planning: 4 Hawker Square planning withdrawn.

3 thoughts on “Parish Council Meeting – 13 December ’17

  1. Todays meeting went exceptionally well, all Agenda items were properly discussed before being approved.

    Chairman: Marc Buffrey, Councillors: Matt Barley, Amos Peek and Martin Johnstone. Clerk: Pauline Rigby.

    Disappointed to here that Cllr Rosie Webber has resigned.

  2. What a change to have the councillors interacting with their parishioners and with smiles on their faces, is this a first? It is for me!

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