Canx – Parish Council Meeting – 14th June ’17 – Canx

This meeting was cancelled without any notice from the Chairman on the Official Website or Noticeboards.

There is a Parish Council Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 14th June at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

I expect it will be a lively meeting as the Youth Club could still be in the building. 🙂

Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 14th June 2017

11 thoughts on “Canx – Parish Council Meeting – 14th June ’17 – Canx

  1. Posted on FB by the PC Chairman:

    “Brian Hanks
    18 mins

    Postponement of PC meeting – 14 June 2017.

    Debbie has advised that she is unable to attend the village today or tomorrow – accordingly tonight’s meeting is postponed. Debbie had already advised Councillors that she has not yet completed the Annual Accounts and as they have to be approved by 30 June she was arranging a meeting to approve these in the next fortnight. The business due to be discussed tonight will therefore be included in that Extraordinary meeting – Debbie will advise the date shortly.”

    1. My reply on FB:

      “Well there is a surprise – a meeting can be run without a Clerk, inconvenient but with the agenda and supporting paperwork already done, it could go ahead, as co-option is an urgent matter.”

      1. Ditto David, very disappointing but no surprise and of course the Clerk is blamed. I would have expected the Chairman to have completed co-option as a minimum.

        What is going on?

  2. A real shame they did not hold the meeting.

    It was also disappointing there was no notice posted up on the door explaining the meeting was cancelled.

    Helen, who runs the youth club had residents asking was the council meeting going ahead, to which she had no idea.

  3. They didn’t have the decency to put up a notice at the hall or on their web site that the meeting was cancelled. Were they hoping that villagers who might have seen the post on Facebook to tell the whole village. It just shows the contempt some Councillors have for our village and its residents they are supposed to represent.

    1. There is something strange going on, before Debbie was the Proper Officer, Cllr Dawn Laird was always very happy to be the Deputy Clerk, yet last night she did not. Why? So the CLUB, can continue without new members.

      Furthermore, Cllr Laird always appears to be in the Village Hall Office, she was there today as we drove by. I thought the Village Hall was now rented by the Trust?

      PS: The Village Hall flower beds and grass looked like a jungle, the PC handed it over looking very sad.

      1. I took pictures of the state of the outside spaces round the hall just as the Trust took over, as the PC made no attempt to sort them out.

        Still no bin or noticed board at the hall either 🙁

        1. David, if the Trust need any help tidying the area. Very happy to help out. Have rough cut mower and strimmer. If you guys fix a date.

          1. It would be a good start to clear the ‘decks’ so we can see what needs doing. I know Wayne also has a petrol strimmer but he’s away. Let me ask but probably be good to start next week.

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