Parish Council Meeting – 14 March 2018

Date: 14 March 2018, second Wednesday of the month.
Where: Upper Rissington Village Hall, Wellington Road, Upper Rissington
When: 19:30
Agenda: Agenda for Parish Council Meeting – 14 March 2018
Minutes: Unconfirmed Minutes of Parish Council Meeting – 7 February 2018
Audio Minutes: Audio Minutes – 14 March 2018

Mike South insists that there will be a very important announcement regarding the PC at this meeting. What we do know that there are plans to increase the number of councillors to 11. I hope that works as we know it is difficult to recruit councillors for our village.

I await the Agenda from the Clerk, Pauline Rigby in a few days and will publicise accordingly for clarification. 

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Acknowledgements: Upper Rissington Parish Council

7 thoughts on “Parish Council Meeting – 14 March 2018

  1. A well written and very topical Agenda by the Clerk. Interesting to see the Chairman, Brian Hanks has resigned, hopefully he has resigned as councillor too.

  2. Well, as Cllr Hanks has stood down, I wonder if he will be in attendance tonight? If not, we know the package comes in two’s and that will be two missing councillors. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Well Jerry you had one announcement earlier than expected so how many more do you expect this evening? Could be another damp squid but at least it has not been cancelled!

    1. That’s why we want a full compliment of councillors. Before when members resigned, two councillors could force a cancellation of the meeting by pretending they were ill or other such nonsense, because a quorum did not exsist.

      At least the games are not as frequent as before. We have councillors on the council who actually want to make a difference to the community at the moment, which is a great achievement.

  4. Looks like democracy doesn’t work at UR. Three councillors who clearly didn’t like what they were hearing behaved like guilty people, in that they got up and left the meeting: Peak, Hanks and Laird.

    Just wish I had been there to have seen the naughty children do this. Hopefully will have the recording on line later today for us all to hear what actually happened.

    NB: Because they have behaved so unprofessionally, cheques could not be signed.

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