Parish Council Meeting – 18 July ’18

3 thoughts on “Parish Council Meeting – 18 July ’18

  1. Added to post one. Notice it’s always posted with the 3 clear days…….

    I had hoped that we could move forward with URPC under Marcs chair, unfortunately he has resigned. However, judging by recent events, nothing has changed within URPC. I fear we are going back to the dark days prior to Marc Buffrey being the Chairman.

    How many councillors and chairman have to resign before the electors take note?

    1. Village Hall Trust:
      a. To consider the request to erect a sign in the Village Hall car park.
      b. To consider the request to place paving slabs by the rear exit doors.
      c. To acknowledge the problem with the expanding crack on the west wall.

    Strange item 14c – Noticed this two tears ago. Surely the item should be as land lords – how we go about repairing it?

    1. Tree Management: To consider the work required to implement a tree management plan and agree how the Council will deal with requests for tree work arising in the interim.

    I Since the last council was replaced with this council – no work has really been done regarding trees in our village. We are now three years into this council and some trees desperately need pruning to make them safe. MOST UNSATISFACTORY AND CULPABLE.

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