Parish Council Meeting – 27 June ’16

There is an extraordinary Parish Council Meeting in the New Village Hall planned for the 22nd June 2016.

It basically outlines an office spending plan. It really does make sense to have new office furniture for the hall. Also, endorse the use of a land-line with a router, so anyone can use the Wi-Fi with their mobile devices.

I am unsure whether a mobile phone should be acquired. As we know the signal here is unusable from EE, would say using your own mobile and claiming calls if you use for Parish Council business makes more sense and saves the PC cash.

Click for Agenda: Agenda for Extraordinary Council Meeting – 22nd June 2016

NB: Hope all relevant documents are in place for the public to use the new hall.

8 thoughts on “Parish Council Meeting – 27 June ’16

  1. David, can you help with the following as I’m sure as past Chairman you will know whether the item 6 below is appropriate? I believe all items have already been disposed of, before the agenda item has been ratified.

    Item 6. Disposal of assets: To agree to dispose of surplus assets in the move from the old village hall to the new village hall. The assets are to be offered to local residents, consisting of one microwave, two fridges, three notice boards, one piano and one large office table.

  2. Jerry, all the items haven’t gone, which is giving the Clerk a headache, as demolition starts on Monday, the day of the meeting!

    Monday will only be a what they call ‘soft’ start before they actually start knocking down the actual building and the builders have clearly said, anything left in the old hall will go in the skip when they start demolishing.

    It would be a real shame that perfectly good items are thrown in the skip.

    1. I should have added to my comment, that there just isn’t room in the new hall, to bring those items over.

  3. I agree it would be a shame if the items were scrapped if a new home could be found for them.

    Unfortunately, there is a protocol to follow and I don’t make the rules. Furthermore, the Clerk and the councillors had a few months to think about how to dispose of the items and leaving it this late is late!!!!!

    Good to hear that the new properties will hopefully be finished before winter sets in on the old Hall site.

    1. I’m not sure this Agenda is legal for few reasons not on the Agenda:
      1) To elect a Chair Vice Chair
      In event no take up then
      2 ) To elect Temp Chair Vice Chair
      3 ) The meeting should be called by 2 Councillors and Agenda signed by 2 Councillors
      Can anyone explain?

      This is according to the NALC book of rules for councillors.

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