CANX – Parish Council Meeting – 6th March ’17 – CANX

Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 6th March 2017

An Agenda with light at the end of the tunnel for the Village Hall Trust.

Unsure, why the precept is on there, very confused as its set by CDC due to the confusing meetings scheduled in February.

Litter pick also included, thank you.

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    1. (i)To consider and authorise payments due
      (ii) To consider and authorise vires required from vegetation grass cutting budget
      (iii) To agree 2017/18 budget
      (iv) To agree 2017/18 precept
      (v) To appoint Arrow Accounting as Internal Auditor for 2016/17

      Budget makes absolute sense. 🙂 Just confused that precept mentioned.

      1. cut ‘n’ paste job
        I wasn’t at the last meeting but is it defiant that CDC will now calculate the precept or have they given the PC an extra week?

  1. Just seen on the PC web site:

    Meeting Monday 6th March – CANCELLED
    March 6, 2017 Debbie Hill

    It is with regret that the Parish Council meeting scheduled for Monday 6th March has been cancelled due to incomplete information being available that was required in order for decisions to be made at the meeting.

    The meeting will be re-scheduled once all the information is available and the date will be published as soon as possible.

    Apologies again for having to cancel the meeting.

  2. Hi David,

    I am puzzled, surely there are important Agenda items that could have been completed, irrespective of so-called incomplete information. We seem to have a record of cancelled meetings as long as your arm – not very professional.

    Brian Hanks was requesting more information at the last PC meeting, it has to be him who has caused the cancellation.

    I was hoping for a turn around – but they are becoming more of an ulcer to the community as each day goes by.

    I thought it prudent to graphically show the Councillor attendance figures. The latest meeting attendance figures need to be ratified against the Minutes once published.

    Shocking the amount of cancelled meetings.

    The stats of councillors attending meeting (plus the shocking cancelled meetings don’t help matters):

    David Arnold – 17/31 – 54%
    Jason Corban – 15/31 – 48%
    Brian Hanks – 18/31 – 58%
    Dawn Laird – 17/31 – 54%
    Andrew Maclean – 19/31 – 61%

    Green – attended.
    Red – no attendance.
    Black – not a councillor.

    1. Very disappointing, given most agenda items were on the 6th Feb meeting, consequently councillors would of had most of the information in their inbox. Given the meeting 3 of us attended on the 27th Feb, the Clerk was asked to find some deferred item info, which I’m sure the clerk would of sourced, but given the short time to get ans back then maybe that was the issue. Nevertheless, it should not have put stop to the meeting this evening.
      I would say the keyboard warrior has been at it again…….

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