CANX – Parish Council Meeting – 7th Nov ’16 – CANX

6 thoughts on “CANX – Parish Council Meeting – 7th Nov ’16 – CANX

  1. Nothing about fixing the heating control that hasn’t worked from at least when the PC took ownership of the village hall !!?

  2. David, can you get this item added retrospectively as its costing the ratepayers money on heating the hall?

    Item 11:
    (i) To consider and authorise payments due
    (ii) To consider and authorise vires from Contingency / Reserves
    (iii) To note the expenditure / payments made by the Deputy Clerk under Emergency Powers
    (iv) Retrospective approval for cheque payment from URPC to GAPTC in reimbursement.

    Would be nice to see an attachment of what these actual payments are. Especially the GAPTC one???

    12. New Village Hall:
    (i) To review and approve the Lease and Agreement To Lease as received from the VHMT’s solicitor.

    Is this progress? Can anyone enlighten before Monday.

    17. Play Park:
    (i) To receive the repair recommendations following review of the Annual Inspection, consider quotes to undertake the work and approve expenditure to appoint a contractor to make the repairs.

    I would prefer no repairs. As the PC is flush with cash – a new item should be purchased.

    18. Perimeter Hedges: To consider quotes received and approve expenditure to appoint a contractor to cut the perimeter hedges.

    Great News.

    19. Consultation on Removal of Telephone Box on Sopwith Road: To discuss the proposed decommissioning of the telephone box on Sopwith Road and agree a response.

    Good idea.

    20. Litter Pick: To agree a date for the village litter pick.

    NIKE – JUST DO IT Advertise the date – before we get snow on the ground.

    24. Clerk’s Return to Work Interview: To receive the meeting notes from the Clerk’s Return to Work interview and agree any actions necessary.

    It was noticed that Debbie was back at work yesterday. We look forward to seeing her on Monday at the URPC Meeting. This will alleviate the need for a temporary clerk at XTRA public expense.

  3. Heating control issue – It could be under “Outstanding Actions from Previous Meetings” as it’s an issue they are already aware of but I doubt it.
    Could it be added retrospectively – no.

    Trust Lease – “Is this progress?” – unsure, depends what they have to say.

    Clerk’s Return to Work Interview – this all just seems way way over the top for a volunteer Parish Council.

  4. Thanks for that David, I had asked for it earlier in the week to be emailed to me however no response.

    Legal costs incurred by Village Hall Management Trust 14-10-2016 £1,020.00 100146 LGA 1972 s.133

    Now payment for trust solicitor above paid. Will this finally see the handover of the VH? I do hope so.

    Janet Eustace Consultancy Ltd, Locum Clerk Support 31-10-2016 £327.00 100149 LGA 1972 s.112(2)

    I Struggle to see when we have a Clerk, and a Deputy Clerk plus 6 councillors and yet employ a Locum Clerk at extra cost to the Parish, what is going on? Maybe the council would like to explain why these cost are being incurred?

    I also would like to know given that the PC have already quoted at a PC meeting received 40k from the developers. What is the plan regarding the spending of this money?

  5. Well, a huge shame that this meeting was cancelled at the last minute. This was a meeting notified to all councillors months in advance and of the 6 councillors, less than 3 were clearly available.

    Unsatisfactory and what’s is more disappointing is that they cancelled the meeting without broadcasting it on the URPC website or Social media.

    Maybe a reminder to all, that there is a vacancy on the council to bring the numbers up to 7, which may alleviate this problem in future.

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