Parish Council Meeting – 8th August ’16

There will be a Parish Council Meeting at 19:30 at the Village Hall on Wellington Road on 8th August.

Link to URPC website.

Full Agenda: Agenda for Parish Council Meeting – 8th August 2016

Item 11, is the most intriguing. New Village Hall:

(i) To consider the amendments to the Lease and Agreement to Lease as proposed by the Village Hall Trust Upper Rissington Parish Council. Real progress being made.

(ii)  To consider and decide whether to take further legal advice concerning the Objectives and Powers sections of the Village Hall Trust’s Constitution. Mmmh – why at this late hour?

(iii)  Consider and agree interim hall booking procedure prior to Village Hall Trust taking over the Lease of the Village Hall. Judging by (ii) a very good idea as I see the Trust walking away if the above is not solved. Fingers crossed, I am not reading too much into it.

I do hope an agreement is going to be made on the 8th.  Jason Corban was extremely positive at the last PC meeting. However, I am guessing the missing Cllrs from the last meeting maybe having a negative input regarding item 8 (ii). 

Overall, I am no longer 100% confident that it’s a done deal. Hopefully common sense will prevail and the majority of councillors consider and agree that the Trust run the Hall ASAP.

Item 13. Play Park Repairs: To consider options and agree solution relating to the repair of the large multi-play unit at the play park. I would prefer the offending item to be considered for replacement, as its rotting away.

Item 14. Tree Works Phase Two: Agree second phase of tree works as proposed by Town & Country Trees. I thought this was agreed a year ago. Regardless, the trees in the village desperately need pruning. 


8 thoughts on “Parish Council Meeting – 8th August ’16

  1. The most positive council meeting I have attended for over 12 months.

    The Council worked very well together this evening, ably assisted by the Clerk. However, the still need to read proper documentation on how to run a meeting.

    Councillors Present: Andrew Maclean, Caroline Maclean and David Arnold.

    Item 10 – Finances – all I ask is that the figures should be available to the public before the meeting,

    Item 11 – The Trust will run the Village Hall as soon as possible.

    Item 13 – Play Park repairs authorised.

    Item 14 – Tree work authorised.

    Item 15 – Recordings authorised.

  2. Things seem to be lacking on any info on the PC website. No updates, no nothing of whats going on in and around the Village.

    The phone I guess has been installed as Helen Parry had the Broadband Box deliverd to her for the Village Hall. However, no new contact number mentioned yet.

  3. Debbie is on holiday, Dawn now acting clerk. Telephone installed on Tuesday, don’t know if it’s the same number.

  4. The number is the same……….and I am not in UR to tell you that…..:)

    I have to say I am not happy with a Councillor acting as a Clerk. There should be a professional Clerk in place.

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