Parish Council Working Agenda

I thought the new Chairman’s request for support from the Parish was a good attempt in going forward into 2015 and beyond. Plus the outline of the priorities by the other Councillors was a positive way forward.

In an effort to support our “new” Council by me, I thought it maybe a good idea to list the items of concern within our Village that our Councillors can resolve. Some of these items, have been mentioned before and thus will be of no surprise.

Rightly so, the fantastic asset lying dormant; the Village Hall has to be at the top of the Agenda. However, we mustn’t forget that the basic fabric of the village still needs maintenance. Also, what can we do to make the village a better place? Over the last few months, we have seen fantastic strides being made. Not only do we have a new Village Hall Committee, Sports Committee, Touch Rugby and the Little Hurricanes just forming to name but a few. The gains made in the last few months is nothing short of remarkable by a few very enthusiastic villagers, we all owe you for sparing your time to benefit others.

Regarding the Village – please comment and I’ll add them to this post and will forward them to the Parish Council if we feel it’s relevent. I haven’t mentioned items such as Trees which are being maintained as long as the budget continues. So here goes – here is my list.

New Village Hall – I’m sure the Committee are onto this.
Signage Required on Barrington Road – showing where it is.
Litter Bins – outside of building.
Outwardly needs a patio area leading from the hall onto grassed area (not directly onto the gras as is).
Maybe worth having a professionally designed large sign at the Bourton Junction – with whats ON, if allowed in NEON… 🙂 No just a sign.

Sports Committee
Great to hear sports facilities and are being secured and grants funding requested and secured. Margaret and I spoke to the Lower Slaughter cricket club and they have very proactive sponsorship deals with local companies to raise money.

Boundary Hedges on the Barrington Road – require cutting (road signs are grown over).
Grass Cutting – On the assumption the contract is for a fortnightly cut – then they should comply (they appear to be slipping).
Tennis Courts – I’ll try to organise a clearance team in June (watch this space).
Boundary Walls – three breaks in the wall between Harris Gardens and Grebe Square (can the PC organise repairs or contact owners)?

Litter Bins – additional bins required for the New School and Village Hall.
Dog bins – Victory Field requirements?
More Benches required throughout the village (on-going).
Youth Shelter – the need is obvious.
Playpark – this was work in progress. Momentum still needed.

Victory Fields
Roads – Wellington Road access (should be completed in December) – arguably very late.
Barrington Road – near Harris Gardens requires repair.
Block Mountain – when is it going?
Footpaths – linking Victory Fields to old part of Village. When?
Attenuation Pond – Is it going to work? When is the completion date – most sites have this done much easier in the build.
Allotments – progress?
Playing Fields / Open Spaces – when is Albion going to complete ONE?
Progress update on the Officers Mess.
Barrington Road Street Lights – when are they going to be complete and working?

I’m sure there are many more and I will add to the list as ideas come in.

Make a change, make a comment?