Parish Councillor Vacancy

Following the resignation of Marc Buffery, there is a vacancy on the Parish Council.

The process is that if 10 residents request an election by 30 July, then that is how the seat will be filled. If an election is not called then the Parish Council may fill the vacancy by co-option, and will invite interested local residents to contact us for details.

EDIT: 15 August 2018 – below are documents for anyone wishing to be elected:

Original document stating the vacancy:

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6 thoughts on “Parish Councillor Vacancy

    1. Given Marc came over to me at the Fete on Saturday and said had I heard the news? Then went on to tell me he had resigned.

      Today, I paid a visit to the PC office and asked the Question, “had the council sourced another Cllr to sit on the Liaison group?” I was then told it would be discussed at the next PC meeting and that no formal letter had been sent in ref to Marc resigning.

      I did not attend this meeting alone as a second pair of ears is always paramount where URPC are concerned.

  1. Maybe there are wires crossed and there is a letter, but whatever the truth there is always smoke and mirrors no matter what the subject is.

    What is clear the letter needs to be published, David Arnolds was when it suited URPC.

    This PC is broken.

  2. Off PC web site:
    Notice of Election –
    Nominations By 23 August

    Update 28 August: No nominations have been received and so the election will need to be rerun with a new date.

    Following the resignation of Marc Buffery, a notice of election for one councillor has been issued.

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