Parish Councils Failures & Achievements!

The Parish Council began with three unelected members in May 2015; Brian Hanks, Caroline Maclean and Dawn Laird.

They recruited a Clerk, Debbie Hill and 4 people were co-opted. Hans Ziebeck, Andrew Maclean, David Arnold and Jason Corban and it appeared progress was being made. 

20 June 2017, it consisted of Brian Hanks and Dawn Laird, as the others have resigned for their own reasons. 

The lack of achievements of URPC speak for themselves, rather embarrassing to be honest.


  • Termination of employment of the Parish Clerk…..unlawfully completed after bullying.
  • See above, £6000 spent on the process of parting company with the Clerk.
  • See above, repeated refusals for a parishioner to examine the accounts (this is a statutory right).
  • Moving URPC website, without consultation and thus stolen.
  • Youth Shelter (money allocated).
  • Floral beds adjacent to village signs (money allocated).
  • No participation with Developers at all in 2 years.
  • Concrete Table Tennis table – it appears no one asked for it (PC reported otherwise??).
  • Threat not to cut Grass, Trim Trees or Hedges in 2018.
  • Attempting to control the VHT Hall premises, by not handing over keys.
  • See above (25 month delay in securing building for TRUST).
  • Waste Bins secured by resident after failing to take the lead.


  • Village Hall handed over to the Trust (timeline 25 months late).
  • 3 picknick benches.
  • 1 Defibrillator (already organised by previous council).
  • New PC Noticeboard (scheduled).
  • Concrete Table Tennis table – it appears no one asked for it (PC reported otherwise??). Listed in Failures. It could be an achievement.
  • After a year without a Chairman, we have one.
  • Minutes / Agendas / Draft Minutes published after many years of asking.

Where do we go from here? 

With a strong council offering differing abilities, the council should go forward and improve our village. The council should support the ex-clerk, Debbie Hill who, given the opportunity will do a fantastic job for the village.

There could be light at the end of the tunnel if the CLUB is dismantled and reformed as a COUNCIL.


  • No one says they are dissatisfied with the lack of progress so nothing changes! This website has been promoting change for months but nothing happens! There is a group in Victory Fields who are ready to take on the developers for miss selling properties but even then the support has been minimal. Apathy has been king around here for too long but there are enough people committed to change and the numbers are growing!

  • Is there any way a vote of no confidence in these people could be put forward, I am very new to UR but after attending few meetings it is obvious that these councillors do not have the villages best interests in mind. I felt that most issues were deferred to the next meeting which most people had no confidence in when that would be, it also appeared that co-options are left until such a time when people for whatever reason no longer wished to be co-opted leaving only the current members.

  • The current pc is a farce, having attended a couple of meetings (that actually took place) I am left concerned that this great village is being lead/run (whatever you call it in its current state) by incompetent bullies who seem incapable of running the pc as one would expect. Is there no way of removing the remaining members by a vote of no confidence or similar, is there any way of getting someone in with the village as their main concern on the pc. I feel that the current members are in it for themselves and the villagers are now disillusioned by the sitting pc hence I believe leading to the lack of attendees to the said meetings……..things need to change!

  • I will keep this post amended with the Failures and Achievements and STICK the thread. Will have an open mind on this and if anyone has any comments will change first post.

  • This is classic stuff Jerry talk about u-turns we have a couple right here!

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