Police Helicopter Circles UR – 27 Feb 17

Thames Valley Police helicopter circles UR before 9am – clearly looking out for something or someone. 

Helicopter type: Eurocopter EC135-P2+
Registration: G-TVHB on 4 Feb 2010
Operated by: Thames Valley Police based at RAF Benson



  • also police car this am whilst out for my walk between 7:15- 8 am.

  • I thought it was the RAF training helicopter but thought it odd that is was going over the houses more. Now looking at the pictures I took, it is clearly the Police 😮

    I was dog walking as well, behind the two Courts.

  • I frequently run alongside the airfield and this helicopter has been circling the airfield the past fortnight, I think it is training.

  • Agreed Lot,

    Later in the day another Police helicopter arrived and it was clear they were practising hovering. Appeared to be doing a great job too.

  • The RAF training helicopter looks similar to the Police one and both are using the same colours – yellow engine cowling and the rest black.

  • These are the NOTAMS for Little Rissi – no surprises.

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