Police in Strength – Business Park

This afternoon the Upper Rissington Business Park had a massive show of strength from the Police. There must have been at least 6 Police cars and a Black Moria. I hope they found or caught who they were looking for.

My guess: Immigrants escaping from lorries delivering fruit to the Storage facility?

4 thoughts on “Police in Strength – Business Park

  1. I noticed the extra presence but didn’t think much about it. Good job I took Archie for a walk else where as we quite often go over to the business park at weekends.

    In fact we went that way on Saturday. Did you see the Air Ambulance fly over very low in the direction of the Go Karting and came back from that area (didn’t see it land or take off)?

  2. Sorry missed PCM tonight late back from work.

    RE Air ambulance according to our daughter someone had a broken collar bone.
    I hear the Police were there again today

    Talking to who works on the B park he was not giving anything away when I asked him

    Look forward to news from you David

  3. At the meeting last night, there was word about why the Police were around – it seems there may have been a serious domestic issue and that someone is now in jail!

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