Public Open Space 2019 Programme.

10 thoughts on “Public Open Space 2019 Programme.

  1. Do you have the answer to when they will start work again? I just do not see that happening but I will be more pleased than most to be proven wrong!

  2. Is it EMG that are going to do the Planting & Seeding, it will be a specialist company? My guess who ever wrote the original schedule never thought about Winter. Why would you want to construct Tennis Courts in January?

  3. Agreed, typical of the garbage Bovis is putting up on the portal! As I shared with you and David those plans are not final and not approved yet! Seeding in February is a joke and its too wet to plant trees right now so the schedule is not worth the paper upon which it is presented! The POS will not be finished in 20 19 and I am coming round to agree with Karen thst given the seasonal influences on the work to be undertaken Autumn 2020 is a realistic estimate for completion! I really hope they prove me wrong!

  4. TLC will be doing the planting and seeding once the landscaping is complete but still much to be done! Just look at the mess beside and below the dam wall! The South Field is a skating rink and the POS at the end if Westland is a tip with a flat top!

  5. Mike

    Very soon it will be 2 months behind schedule. Believe the heavy plant being used around Rissington Lake has been taken off site this afternoon.

    Any sign of any landscapers as per the above schedule?
    Any sign of contractors round the Tennis Courts yet?

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