Public Open Space being stolen by residents

Thank you for Jerry for letting me register but I feel I have to make a statement on Public Open Space within Victory Fields that is being utilised by a resident as their own. They can only be doing this for one of two reasons:

  • They want to help the community, unfortunately their interpretation is to ruin the Public Open Space for all.
  • They want to acquire the land for themselves and enlarge their garden.

Today, I sent Supriya Ray an email regarding Public Open Space, specifically as one of my neighbours on Longmore has taken it upon themselves to manage land that belongs to the community.

My reply from Supriya is as follows:

Thank you for your e-mail, details of which I have noted and passed on to the Regional Build Director, Gavin Charlton, who is overseeing the finishing works at Victory Fields.
Unfortunately our remit does not extend to resolving civil matters such as this and I suggest you discuss this matter directly with the occupant in question. Failing this, I suggest you speak to Cotswold District Council, who are the determining authority.
To say I am shocked that I received the above response is an understatement, as it essentially means anyone can acquire land, for themselves and as mentioned elsewhere, the Delfin Way land can now be regarded as everyones? Not forgetting, Mitchell Way and Proctor Way.
I hope not as it would be a real mess for all of us to contend with. It will mean that the space will never be adopted by the Parish Council or even a Management Company, if individuals steal land which will make it impossible for them to manage.
As for Cotswold District Council or Upper Rissington Parish Council taking any interest, this is irrelevant as the land does not belong to them. It belongs to the developers and they should manage it accordingly.
I just hope the individuals realise their error of their ways, so that it becomes Public Open Space for all to enjoy.
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21 thoughts on “Public Open Space being stolen by residents

  1. Perhaps Lloyd, you have great neighbours, being community spirited and tidying up land until such time it is all landscaped and managed. This has happened in quite a few places round the village by several community spirited residents who were fed up of the mess 🙂

    1. David can you point out where this as happend

      We all know longmore has always been an avenue of trees looking from one end to another

      I see the chap on proctor tidied up and put grass seed on and I understand that but not the planting of trees.

      Just wish the landscape folk would arrive but we need to be patiant

  2. Well you sound a real sourpuss Lloyd. Thank goodness I don’t live next door to you. I know the area you are referring to and the people are, as David says, community spirited and have tidied up a lot of communal land and have a lot of support from the community for their generous efforts. Have you actually spoken to them about this rather than sending nasty whinging e-mails to Bovis and posting passive aggressive messages on here? Shame on you.

  3. Longmore, Proctor, old tennis courts, land between Mitchell Way and the old part of Wellington Road are the ones that come straight to mind but you know this already Max.

    It’s just great to see some people care about their village and are willing to give up some of their time to tidy things up 🙂

    1. Lloyd is not the only resident of the village who has noticed the slow taking over of the public open space on Longmore. That area is supposed to be public open space, a long grassed open beech avenue for the public to use, it has now been sectioned off with a hedge that is far from it’s mature height. Victory Fields residents will ultimately be paying for the maintenance of that area, the cost to maintain all the hedges will be far more than running a mower over the grass. It might have been done with the best intentions but now it looks like an extension of the garden of the house it is adjacent to especially with the gate, the stepping stones and all the planting. If the neighbours opposite decide to do the same it will ultimately create a physical divide between VF and the rest of the village instead of being an open avenue linking the two.

  4. In answer to the critics above, no one is complaining about a good Samaritan. I would congratulate anybody who devotes their time to the village and maintains areas away from their own for nothing. I strongly object to PUBLIC open space adjacent to their home being grabbed in an effort to enlarge their own garden. In fact the lady above Karen has described the dangers of allowing this selfish process to continue.

  5. Have you actually talked to them?

    If you are so concerned about land grabbing, why haven’t you mentioned areas that have actually been fenced in by home owners that is supposed to be part of the public open space, one is an extension to what was grabbed years ago?

    1. Well I’m just catching up on this.

      I have no objection to anyone tidying up around the place, like removing old fencing, rubber blocks or signage, but when it comes to planting up on Open space that is a different matter.

      Karen is right, Longmore has always been an avenue of Beech trees with a grass verge and should retain that look.

      David can you name the areas in and around UR? As you know in the past the URPC regained land which did not belong to home owners so I guess if there minded they can do the same under the new PC.

  6. A correction from Mr Ray, who explained that the POS planning will be passed in August and the situation will be addressed at this point.

  7. Had a quick bike ride for a pint at the Lamb in Great Rissington and on the way back saw Steve making a fantastic job of this Public Open Space. The trees were once those in front of Hangar 73.

  8. I want to thank you all for the different view points. However, I would like to remind everyone in this instance Mr & Mrs Oliver have decided that they should manage Public Open Space. Can I remind everyone that the operative word is PUBLIC and not PRIVATE.

  9. You obviously do not live in Victory Fields if you did you would be disappointed if people planted trees and other plants outside your home on public open space.Mr Oliver is a Liaison Group member, ensuring that new home owners like myself get what they bought into.Instead, he helps himself to public open space which is a very selfish act.He has also said publicly that being bought off by the developers is satisfactory.

    1. Not quite sure what living on the south side of our village has to do with it?

      I will ask the question again, which I note Sue also asked you: Have you talked to them?

      If this is all you have to moan about, someone NOT stealing land and volunteering their own time to help make our village more beautiful, we must be in good shape 🙂

      1. Why should anyone have to talk to them?

        David, you, as well as other’s know this is an avenue of Beech Trees and has been for many many years and should remain that way.

        Take a look down Proctor, a lovely path meandering down to the bottom, not one person has taken to planting it with their own shrubs and trees.

        1. “Why should anyone have to talk to them?”

          Well if Lloyd is a neighbour,

          “….. as one of my neighbours on Longmore …..”

          you would think it to be the logical and civilised way of doing things, as it could be just a short-term measure while nothing is happening and has been for many years.

          And clearly, if you don’t live in Victory Fields,

          “You obviously do not live in Victory Fields …..”

          you don’t count, so that’s you out as well Max!

          It’s so simple to talk to people. I talk to people, we may not agree but that is fine. People are different.

    2. I live in Victory Fields, and when I walk down Longmore I’m more disappointed with some of the homes that display weed infested pathways, driveways and front gardens, adorned with junk and smashed paving slabs than I am with plants being added to a public space. I think if the space in question was being enclosed with a fence so other people couldn’t gain access to it from the path I’d feel differently, but as it stands I still feel at liberty to go and walk around in the area in question if I wanted to so don’t see the harm. However, I also still think it would be more constructive to speak to the neighbours you are referring to and explain how you feel so you can all discuss how to move forward with this issue and hopefully reach an agreement. Think about what you want them to do, is there a compromise you could suggest that you would be happy with? and go on from there.

  10. I am pleased to see that the overall site looks better on a daily basis. I have written to Linden and asked them to complete the open spaces to the planning specification and not to personal specifications.

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