Public Open Spaces Planning Application 17/04151/FUL

Public Open Spaces Planning Application 17/04151/FUL

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We object, in principle, to the proposals currently submitted as they are not in accordance with the approved 2013 Biodiversity & Landscaping Strategy, dated 4th Jan 2013 and do not comply with the drawings/details submitted during the Public Consultation meeting on 28th September 2017 at the Village Hall in Upper Rissington, where an overwhelming unanimous vote, from all present at the meeting, was cast for the schemes to be implemented by the developers for the Pubic Open Spaces as per the approved 2013 Strategy.

The details on the CD provided and the drawings submitted on the planning portal are inconsistent with those originally approved S106 plan and indeed strewn with errors:

• The 2013 plan DID NOT include 24 houses along Delfin Way, this area is reserved for business units only. The houses shown on Delfin Way are currently under a different planning submission and therefore should not be included on plans submitted for the S106 details plan and must be removed. It is understood by All the residents that there is significant pressure on CDC to build houses but the parishoners of Upper Rissington do not agree in principle to Business Units being mixed in with domestic properties and therefore the houses will be better placed on Mitchell Way.
• The Plan submitted shows the old village square arrangement, if the intent is to maintain the pub etc, then ok, if not and the plan is for different use which is not approved, then details needs to be updated to reflect “as-built” and superfluous buildings removed. This comment can also be applied to the many paths and cycle ways that have been removed or re classified throughout Victory fields.
• Bowling green appears to have been removed
• Senior Cricket Pitch appears to have been removed
• Hedgerows missing either side of the Officers mess
• Area reduced back of gas compound when Bovis indicated more landscaping would be included to “reduce the visual impact”.
• Playspace proposals – Design should follow “The Six Acre Standard” – developers to confirm
• South Field should be a football pitch or MUGA, a potential solution to the current stand off but the residents totally object to the proposal for a wildflower meadow – unauthorised storage of materials have been dumped in this area by the developers which is feared to be toxic and not remediated according to Government regulations.
• The landscape profiling does not match the 2013 strategy – this is also documented by Deborah Smith of CDC in an email reply of 30th August 2017, where Ms Smith stated “ I understand that Merebrook now has the information needed to compile the final validation report but the final iteration of the report will only be available when all graduation/re-grading work as required by the Council to address landscaping issues has been completed – the two issues are clearly inter-related” – this work has not been undertaken.
• The cycle path along the southern boundary of the development between the south football field and the old control tower appears to have been removed. This then leads onto another concern that there is no longer a continuous circular cycle ride around the periphery of the village as originally offered on the S106 landscaping plans.
• There are a number of Public access Footpaths leading Onto or Off Private/not to be adopted roads which is clearly causing anger and frustration for the Homeowners expecting privacy and having to pay for the upkeep of public access on their property. The roads affected are as follows:
• Hercules close
• Westland Close
• Red Arrows close
• Trenchard Close
• Whittle Close
• There is the issue with Cranwell Roiad Crossing Longmore Walk which also appears to defy all logic with Road Safety and School Children issues. Longmore Walk is a major pedestrian thoroughfare and the vehicle drivers exiting or entering Spitfire Place should be directed via Delphin Way which is the most direct route for entering and leaving the village and will keep that unnecessary traffic away from Children walking on Longmore Walk but more importantly reduce the number of vehicles passing the school.
• Lighting on Public footpaths especially on Longmore Walk and its extension past the school is unacceptable, Please ensure this is included in the highways safety audit due any time soon?
• Many senior residents are concerned that the Trim Trail appears now to be more like a Kiddies adventure trail than a facility for keeping fit for the adult population. This needs an explanation because the social demographic in Upper Rissington should consider not just infants and toddlers but older children, teenagers and adults. That is why a MUGA is suggested on the South Football Field, the Trim Trail should be modified to cater for teenagers and adults, and the Bowling Green and Senior Cricket Pitch for future generations of both men and women who increasingly are actively involved in these sports.
• Since 2013 a number of bungalows have been built on the North Side of the area designated for 2 Football Pitches and the senior Cricket pitch, all excluded from the plans submitted.
• Many Footpaths and Cycle Paths have not yet been installed as part of the S106 2013 plans and since the Coop was moved this has caused residents from the old village considerable stress.
• Why is so much effort going into landscaping around the Calor Gas storage tanks on the South East corner of the development when the developers originally tempted the old villagers with the offer of natural gas but failed to deliver on that commitment?
• Why are so many cycle paths now designated with a Coggin surface when they are supposed to be tarmac with a lane clearly marked as cycle and another for pedestrians only? This appears to contravene national by laws?

Contaminated Land Remediation
There is much concern from residents about the Developers and CDC inability to establish beyond reasonable doubt that Victory Fields has been cleared of the contaminants as detailed in the WSP Remediation report 2011. Subsequent versions provided by Idom Merebrook have failed to convince these residents that the site has been remediated in accordance with Government guidelines and regulations. CDC has failed to respond satisfactorily to numerous requests under the Freedom of Information Act in this regard. Several incidents recently identified more serious concerns that the developers have inadequate monitoring systems and plans for controlling the movement of these contaminants and as several of the most recent dumps for this material have been designated as play areas for children this is a major concern.

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  1. We heard from an official source yesterday from one of the two man builders, that the development WILL be completed to the 2013 agreement. This has yet to be announced officially.

    One thing is for sure – this a very positive outcome after extreme lobbying for this to happen.

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