Rescheduled Parish Council Meeting – 26 Nov 2018

5 thoughts on “Rescheduled Parish Council Meeting – 26 Nov 2018

  1. No item on the progress of Village Tree Maintenance, except a request from residents in Bleriot Rd. I hope the remainder of the village can be maintained soon.

    Nothing on the 2019 Precept which should be already drafted. Just hope it’s not a last minute rush. My guess it will be a request for a precept raise over and above of inflation as the URPC company wants to prove how good an investor it is (tongue in cheek).

    VH heating system was not fit for purpose when the Trust acquired the hall and I am sure this motion will be passed. My guess would be that URPC will not be able to claim the amount back from the heating supplier as the warranty period would have expired by the time the lease was agreed and the hall occupied. This all took place during the Phoney URPC War of the Village Hall. 🙂

    The next claim will be the ever widening crack of the West facing wall. Have a picture of this from over 3 years ago. Someone failed to notice this when the hall was acquired.

    Dog Mess action – totally agree.
    Breeze – thought this was already being done.

  2. Another case of blame the developers for the crack in the wall? Someone needs to ask the question, what has caused the crack to appear? How long before the VH falls down is the second question?

  3. What I would like to specifically know regarding the VH Trust; are any itemised cost paid out for any work carried out since they took over the running of the VH?

    When the Hall was handed over to the Trust there was a five year maintenance monies paid from the Developers for maintenance into a URPC account.

    When you look at the agenda and the way it comes across it looks like the PC are paying for the boiler.

    Please can the PC itemise how much to date of that money supplied from the Developers has been used and what is the balance that is left.

    1) First – Start Balance Paid from the Developers
    2) Secondly – List all the cost they have taken from this money to pay for Legal, Goods and future spending like the Trust asked on the November agenda.
    3) Finally – And what Balance is actually left.

    I would also like to know from the PC is the Trust able to be self sufficient in running the VH in the future?

  4. Regarding the lease of the VH to the Trust by URPC, this document outlines the maintenance monies and the VHT targets set by URPC.

    See page 5 and 10 of this document.

    Page 5 excerpt: Funds received by the Landlord in connection with any section 106 agreement affecting the Property (or land of which it is a part) belong to the Landlord but a maximum of £15,000 may be used (where proper and at the absolute discretion of the Landlord) to reimburse the Tenant for reasonably necessary repairs to the building forming part of the Property from the date hereof save that such funds shall not be made available by the Landlord where such repairs are necessary as a result of damage caused to the Property by misuse or negligence cause either by the Tenant or any occupants or users of the Property.

    Page 10 excerpt: FUNDING
    15.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of clause 2.4 hereof provided that the Lease is subsisting and has not been terminated, the Landlord shall make the following payments to the Tenant in order to assist with the costs of running and investing in the building at the Property: –
    (a) On the Completion Date the sum of £7,000
    (b) Six months following the Completion Date the sum of £7,000
    (c) On the first anniversary of the Completion Date the sum of £6,000
    (d) Eighteen months after the Completion Date the sum of £6,000
    (e) On the Second anniversary of the Completion Date the sum of £4,500
    (f) Thirty months after the Completion Date the sum of £4,500
    (g) PROVIDED THAT the Tenant is able to provide justifiable and valid reasons for any shortfall in funds that are available to meet the Tenant’s ongoing financial commitments then the Landlord shall pay a maximum additional sum of £5,000 on the Third anniversary of the Completion Date and a further maximum sum of £5,000 on the Fourth anniversary of the Completion Date

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