Resignation of URPC Councillor Maclean

Councillor Caroline Maclean has tendered her resignation from UR Parish Council. Caroline was the only councillor to remain on the council in 2015 after the all the previous councillors and Clerk resigned.

Caroline was re-elected from the previous council in 2015, the other two councillors that joined her were elected by default.  No other constituents stood for election after they had seen enough of the shenanigans the previous council had to contend with (only 3 of the 7 vacancies were filled in 2015).

Consequently, we had a council in May 2015 that no villager had voted for. They were elected by default. Democracy gone mad and today the two are still there.

Caroline, in that first year was the URPC Chairman, I didn’t always agree with her leadership style. However, she took the responsibility head on and if you look at the attendance statistics she was always present, unlike the others we have today.

Caroline, thank you for holding the position of Chairman in a very difficult time for the village. Upper Rissington has expanded to twice the 2014 size, in this time she was involved  in negotiating with the Village Hall Trust to take over the Hall as was originally mooted in 2014. Furthermore, she has been fixing holes in the sinking ship.

Good luck in the future. Meanwhile Andrew Maclean remains on the council.

One comment

  • As we know after a very long period the Council now has a Chairman and Vice Chairman.

    We know very little about the new Chairman except for what he has posted on Linkedn.

    It would appear that the Vice Chairman has not worked in a very long time. He is 58 and I believe has been unemployed for a number of years (his declaration below does not list any kind of employment, except that he is an accountant). If anyone can shed any more light please post and I will update.

    Below are links to their respective declarations freely available on the internet.

    Jason Corban (Chairman) Jason Corban

    Brian Hanks (Vice-Chairman) Brian Paul Hanks 

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