Resignation of URPC

I am sure most people are aware that recently a petition circulated the village requesting the Parish Council to resign.

I am also aware that it did reach everyone in the village, so there maybe more signatories to add to the nearly 400 already gained. This shows the gut feeling of the village regarding URPC. Unfortunately, no council member has been singled out, but as we know historically, the thrust of this campaign is very specific.

We are also know that URPC, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, Nigel Moor (Gloucestershire County Council) and Cotswold District Council (Nigel Adams) are aware of the petition and I am sure more publicity will be forthcoming in the future.

Therefore, my final point is why would anyone want to remain on this Parish Council when the electorate clearly thinks that certain councillors are not representing them? I suggest they resign forthwith to save any face they have left.

8 thoughts on “Resignation of URPC

  1. Jerry, face the reality here, the managing partners of the PC do not care what you or any of us think, and it’s the muppets that are supporting them in this undemocratic modus operandi that should take off their rose tinted glasses and listen to reason! Some people have no sense of shame and therefore no face to save! They are dictators in a Banana Republic!

    1. Frank – an excellent observation. The two elected councillors truly represent the village as they are the only ones that went through a democratic process.

      I am broadcasting what has happened, not what will happen. What do you think Frank?

      1. I totally agree and think the 2 that have been elected should stay and a general election for the rest of the council

        1. Totally Agree Frank, let democracy in! They can all stand for re election, no worries but they must get votes to be re elected!

  2. As we all know we still have councillors serving on URPC that have no interest in the village whatsoever.

    At this critical time in the village’s development they need to go.

    This village needs people who care about the community……

  3. Did some thing happen at the PC meeting last night or was it the in-action that has prompted your new comment?

    Couldn’t make the meeting again 🙁

  4. David, when were you last at a PC meeting? For the interests of everyone, the URPC has been coerced into accepting and now requesting for a CGR so URPC will be expanded to 11 councillors shortly if CDC concede the issue! So far they have declined but thanks to the sterling work of Nigel Moor the pressure is on! Yes CDC have tried to sweep the petition under the carpet and yes they are delaying as much as possible to try and push through the dodgy planning enforcement, the sub standard S106 amenities and pass the costs of the Contamination remediation back to Upper Rissington Residents. ( Yes everyone not just those living in Victory Fields) CDC is now even trying to delay the inaugural meeting of the URCLG on account that Sir Clifton – Brown is too busy on the Central Government finance committee. In the meantime CDC is pushing ahead with closed meetings with the developers, no doubt trying to push through the unwanted Business units for Mitchell Way that no one wants! But hey, who cares, just build playparks and everyone will be happy! Trouble is the kids will have long grown up before they are put in, if ever!

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