Retail Outlet Pictures

More pictures of the new retail units at Upper Rissington. Looks like we have plenty of parking. Handover, in a weeks time.


3 thoughts on “Retail Outlet Pictures

  1. The porta cabins from along the New link Road should be going Tuesday
    The final Tarmac was laid at the end of last week around the back of CO-OP

  2. Does anyone know anything about the massive mountain of dirt they have left next to the new shops and when they will move it or if it will be another undocumented ‘feature’ of the new estate, much like the quarry, I mean ‘pond’? In my view they shouldn’t be allowed to handover until thats clear.

  3. The ‘pond’ was mentioned at the village AGM by David Knaggs of Albion Water. Albion Water still don’t have a date when work will commence on the ‘pond’ to make it water tight and then landscaped, as they are still waiting on reports being carried out. Can’t remember if these reports were being done by the developers (I think it was) or Albion.

    It’s issues like, the water tight solution must not lift if the water table raises, are in the report.

    On the ‘mountain’, I think the developers need to be asked directly and made aware what an eyesore it is and how long its been sitting there.

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