Retail Outlets @ Victory Fields

I enquired about a retail outlet to Alder King two weeks ago. I was told that the outlets will be bought by an investor. I quote:

We have agreed terms to sell the entire block to an investor and the sale is in solicitors hands. This is off the back of a pre-let of the convenience store (Coop) and the adjoining smaller retail (Badham).

The other units will be made available as required.

Tonight we have heard that Badham cannot locate to Upper Rissington because the NHS objects, meaning that the whole development may not go ahead.

In an effort to turn this on it’s head. It was suggested that we write to our MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown. and ask him to investigate why Badhams (chemist) has been prevented from taking a retail unit by the NHS.

It has also been revealed if the building is constructed it won’t happen until the last house is completed (probably in 24 months).

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  1. i shall be working with hans, new councilor, to set up a petition of sorts for the village fete.

  2. I sent and email this morning to Geoffrey, Response is below:


    Mr Clifton-Brown has asked me to thank you for your email expressing concern about news that NHS England is reportedly restricting a pharmacy business from occupying a retail unit at Upper Rissington.

    To be of assistance to concerned constituents, Geoffrey has already contacted NHS England today to obtain clarification in response to the circumstances you describe and he will be back in touch with you just as soon as any further information is to hand.

    I hope this is helpful in the meantime.

    Yours sincerely

    Paul Morgan

    Office of:

    Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, F.R.I.C.S. M.P.

  3. I also received this from the office of Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP.

    Unsure if this is just PR from Bovis or what. As we know the pharmacy is the problem as without it nothing happens. As for the PH, that won’t happen.

    Thanks for your e-mail, the details of which I have duly noted.

    I am pleased to report that contrary to your understanding it is Bovis and Linden’s intention to construct the Village Square retail units. We have recently appointed a design and build contractor, and although I cannot give you precise timescales for the construction of these units at this moment time, I can make some enquiries and get back to you.

    As things currently stand, the terrace is to be anchored by The Co-op, and we are in discussions with a pharmacy to take the adjoining units as well as being in discussion with other interested parties, including a new and improved facility for the Runner Bean gym.

    In relation to the public house, it remains our aspirations to get a public house on site eventually.

    I trust this gives you the re-assurances you are looking for, however please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further queries.

    Kind regards,

    Supriya Ray

  4. I am delighted that all the facilities the developers promised in their original planning application are being provided at a cracking pace. However I am surprised that the “square” will only be created after the last house is built – and once there can be no restriction put on developmement due to non compliance with the original permission. I thought how lucky we are, as I stood on my new allotment near to the Wimbledon standard tennis courts how lucky we are that there are still developers who provide what they promised viz the exercise path, the pub, employment area, the still closed “communitty centre”. How I look forward to the dry ski slope, the olympic swimming pool, the multi screen cinema and the horse race track. Hold on, just seen a flying pig over UR ild life park, must dash!

  5. Regarding Reg 17.

    This is the e-mail I received today including the attached response from the NHS.

    The response from the NHS regarding regulation 17.

    Dear Constituent


    Further to the email of 3 August on the above, please find attached the further response received today by Mr Clifton-Brown from NHS England, the clarified contents of which, including Regulation 17, he trusts you will find of interest and assistance.

    Yours sincerely

    Paul Morgan

  6. i received the same reply. i have sent a scathing response back. it seems that CB is more concerned with the far east than eastern cotswolds!

  7. Well, all that does is point to Regulation 17 but not the reason why Reg. 17 has been used in this case.

    Does the NHS feel there are enough outlets in our area?
    Did other outlets lodge a concern as part of the application process?
    Did surgeries in the area lodge a concern?

  8. I spoke with two gentlemen from speller-metcalfe by chance this am. they are building on behalf of bovis-linden. the plans look about the same as the original ones. they said that they will keep people informed via letters in letterboxes. hope to be finished by march. took great pains to let me know they are part of the considerate contractors scheme. fingers crossed.

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