Revised UR Street Names

5 thoughts on “Revised UR Street Names

  1. What has changed in the last 2 years Jerry? I see nothing new on this plan, even the layout for Cranwell is unchanged from 2013! Please explain so that us newbies can follow?

    1. toxicmike – I think you had better re-look at the map, as your point about Cranwell Road is incorrect, as Cranwell Road doesn’t now go across the footpath (Longmore/Kitty Hawk)

      Some names were missing which have now been added: Building 42 is called Valiant House and the road that services buildings 41 & 42 is called A P Ellis Road.

      There has also been some tidying up of the map to reflect road junctions onto Barrington Road.

  2. Thanks David, the map I have been using has Cranwell blocked off so I just assumed the plan Bovis had was part of their unapproved 2016 plans! AP Ellis is on the Sat Nav system which came on stream a couple of months back but I must admit I have not worried about the building names. I guess this a good example of the chaos brought about by all the different plans being drawn up and dropped into circulation with no explanations!

    1. A P Ellis was the name of the road when it was a Business Park, so they have just kept the name that it was already 🙂

      Hopefully, this will be the last update required for the names map 🙂

  3. David, do not bank on it! Bovis still intend pushing through across Longmore walk. The MD claims he sold those properties with more privacy, ie unadopted roads! Take your eyes off the ball for a minute and the battle will be lost!

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