Rissi’ Mountain the Third is being removed!

Really pleased to report the final Rissi mountain is biting the dust. You will also notice the Officers Mess construction compound is being emptied, before it is finally removed. The photographs, also show the road works on Delfin Way and the access to A.P.Ellis (Kitty Hawk Walk) being worked on.

The final good news is that the Tennis Courts and surrounding trees have recently been surveyed by a third party contractor, therefore we anticipate work will start soon.

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5 thoughts on “Rissi’ Mountain the Third is being removed!

  1. Good to see that the mound adjacent to the West Wing is going at long last.

    Linden have laid a footpath alongside the house pictured below that was not planned. Wouldn’t you think they would have actually laid the paths to Longmore from the Playing Fields and alongside the Village Hall verge that has been on the plans for years, rather than lay an unplanned path?

  2. Not a funny joke Sharon, but you are correct and there are a few more on the POS which should also be removed!

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