Rissington Council Tax rise!

It was revealed at the last Council Meeting that the proposed precept for Upper Rissington Parish (precept is another word for TAX) is 5.9%. This is 6 times the annual inflation rate in 2015 (1.0%).

I was not at the meeting and do not know specifics. However, for any council to be open and transparent, it would have been beneficial to have this information available to all parishioners before and during the meeting.

Personally, I would like to know what this increase is meant to finance?

On other financial issues, it was also revealed that Linden and Bovis have given the council £40,000 to cover the stamp duty required for URPC to acquire the new Village Hall. Kind of good news, just a little concerned at what cost?

I don’t know any specifics, but it would appear that there is a surplus of at least £8,000 available to cover other costs. Also, in the process of accepting this money, they have approved a proposal for a prefabricated nursery to built in the School Grounds and also endorsed a proposal for 24 new houses, as long as work on the whole site is completed before work starts. I do endorse the comment, complete all other works until work starts on these 24 and that MUST include, Officers Mess and the other decaying RAF buildings, plus paths, roads and sporting facilities.

I will listen to the Audio Minutes and correct above and embellish where necessary.

EDIT: Regarding your COUNCIL TAX, this is just the URPC element, not CDC, Policing etc.

9 thoughts on “Rissington Council Tax rise!

  1. It’s very disappointing to see this 5.9% rise from the URPC, as people are still feeling the pinch and stands out on the bill, especially when you see CDC has kept theirs at 0%.

    BUT, how many of the houses on Victory Fields are now included in the calculation or has CDC not yet added them to the house count of Upper Rissington, even though they will be paying council tax? This will mean CDC will be getting extra money from these houses!

  2. What are we getting for this?!? Our bins are collected and that’s it as far as I can see! 5.9% is disgraceful especially when you add GCC and CDC on top. ????

    1. You do know this was 2016/17 tax year. Waiting to see what the final bill will be for this coming tax year 2018/19.

    1. Point being that Donna may have not realised this is old data (nearly two years old now) but agree, paying too much for nothing!

      1. My response was in regard to the email this morning regarding the rise in council tax. I stand by my disgust at the rate we pay here for no services or amenities but acknowledge that I did make a mistake with the figures above. There is no doubt in my mind that we will still have a ridiculous increase in our precept yet again. This never used to be the case. This seems to be the norm in recent years though with less and less to show for it. Still angry ?

        1. And a lot agree with your anger Donna. Some hope with the new recent Councillors on the Parish Council, the hoarding of money will stop and they will start spending it on things this village needs.

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