Rissington Lake Update – 26 January 2019

Date: 25 January 2019. Rissington Lake (Attenuation Pond) is progressing, albeit slowly.

Date: 8 November 2018

The enclosed report from the Drainage Officer is very enlightening:

From: Laurence King
Sent: 26 October 2018 13:18 To: Deborah Smith
Subject: FW: Consultation for 17/04151/FUL

I am sending this response after attending a site meeting at this development with a representative from Bovis Homes. We carried out an inspection of the attenuation pond currently being constructed and the landscaped area in the vicinity of the Airfield and raised Calor Gas storage tanks.

After studying the plans for the attenuation pond and viewing the site, including the existing above ground foul sewer line, I can report that due to the on-going discussions between Bovis and Albion water concerning the required spillway from the attenuation area (which are preventing WSP finalising the design of the critical spillway from the pond) I am currently unable to approve the design of the attenuation pond.

Additionally, it is not clear which party will become the landowner of the land where the attenuation pond is sited, as well as which party will be responsible for its maintenance.

It was noted that some of the Gabions laid in the attenuation pond had been laid in the wrong alignment. Bovis will address that asap.

The landscape area clearly appeared to be a construction site and therefore until decisions have been made on the permanent surfacing of the footpaths a construction detail for them cannot be produced. The issue of run-off from the un-finished pathways did not appear to be a flood risk concern for the new development, the airfield or the Calor Gas storage area. An inspection of the completed pathways will be required to ensure that the current situation is maintained.

The aspect of whether the material in the landscaping will remain stable, due to the inability of water to percolate through the punctured existing concrete, does not appear to be a significant concern due to the relatively significant area of landscaping involved and its general height above the existing concrete apron. A planting schedule will be produced that will assist in further stabilisation of the area through root growth, in addition to the trees and shrubs drawing up any water “sat” in the made up areas due to a reduced rate of percolation through the punctured concrete.

I understand that a maintenance company will be employed to oversee the landscaped areas but again I am unclear as to which party will own the land where the landscaping is.

Laurence King
Lead Shared Flood Risk Management Engineer
email: laurence.king@westoxon.gov.uk  or telephone:  01993 861341.

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One thought on “Rissington Lake Update – 26 January 2019

  1. More examples of poor management and even worse performance from the prime contractor EMG! Why everything must be done at least twice in this day and age in absolutely incredible! It’s no wonder LinBo have been witholding payments!

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