Rissington Round Up – Apr/May ’16

Rissington Round-Up: MAY 16.

1) A defibrillator should be fitted to the new Village Hall soon thanks to the intervention of a parishioner at a recent council meeting. The PC appeared to be getting nowhere with developers in acquiring permission to attach it to the Village Hall. All it needs now is the URPC to acquire the unit.

2) The Fete organised by the Social Committee will soon be upon us on 9th July. This is a fantastic event and well worth attending by all of us. More details as soon we have it.

3) The Upper Rissington Village Hall was completed in March 2015 and is still unavailable for use after nearly 15 months of delay.

Cllr Hanks from Upper Rissington Parish Council was optimistic that he would be able to organise the handover for the Fete in 2015. It is now 2016 and this years Fete is fast approaching, can it be delivered for July 2016 after many announcements proclaiming it was going to happen.

Numerous delays have been used as legitimate excuses:

  • Land searches delaying proceedings
  • Building specification changes
  • Stamp Duty
  • VAT issues

It is truly a very disappointing delay which I had hoped would have been resolved by our professional council months ago.

4) Grass Cutting: This is how our village is judged and its never cut on time . Villagers shouldn’t have to remind URPC that the grass requires cutting every two weeks. I earnestly hope that the council would take their responsibilities more seriously.

5) Rissington Arrows played their first competitive game, thank your to all those involved in establishing the team and what a fantastic name.

6) UPRC Practices: Following advise from the experts (Nigel Adams), URPC are still do not publishing Agendas three days before the Council Meetings, which is a legal requirement. Draft Minutes are being published which is a great improvement. Financials are never reported before any meeting, after being requested many times by residents and Nigel Adams.

7) The fantastic new shopping complex has been completed on time (April 2016) and within the next few months most of the units will be occupied.

8) The Officers Mess Main Building is currently being refurbished which is a real positive for our expanding village. Scaffolding is erected and the tiles have been stripped and old windows removed.

9) A bench has been added to the Jubilee Gardens which I am pleased to report, courtesy of URPC.

10) The lack of Rubbish Bins in the playwark is very evident. However, what a shame the residents of the village whether young or old can’t take their rubbish home.

Note About the Editor: Lives in the UAE and is therefore relying information from unchecked sources.

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