Rissington Round-up – FEB ’16

Monthly update – if there are any updates or variations e-mail me and I will amend.

1) Churchfitters – will be playing on the 3rd March at the school (Social Committee).

2) The new shopping complex is on target to be completed in April. Runner Bean plans to move into the building.

3) No news on Essence and Candy Cox new location.

4) Linden have said the will be complete on site by October.

5) The URPC have said they are looking into cutting the boundary hedge, I fear they may have missed the cutting deadline.

6) Benches bought by URPC still awaiting to be positioned.

7) Moving miniature castle – no progress to report (Heras fencing supplied by Linden will be erected to protect it while building 42 is converted).

8) The plans were passed for 26 new homes including affordable homes at “Middle Court“.

9) The other 24 houses on the “Business Park” site when passed will release cash for other village projects – Nursery?

10) Village Hall – no progress to report. However, one hopes it will be handed over next month as the stamp duty problem has been solved.

11) Building 42 (Old Station Headquarters) work has begun on its conversion.

12) Officers Mess – new housing foundations laid.

13) Guardroom sold to base.com

14) Dog Mess – subject very emotive. Hopefully bins are to be placed around the village.

15) Watch Tower planning permission sought to convert the building into a home.

Note About the Editor: Lives in the UAE and is therefore only relaying information from unchecked sources.

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