Rissington Round-up – MAR ’16

Monthly update – if there are any updates or variations e-mail me and I will amend.

1) Would those that do not have mains gas read this message and if appropriate send an e-mail.

2) Churchfitters – was a fantastic success thanks to our Social Committee.

3) The Social Committee also organised an Easter Egg Hunt for the children on the 26th April which was also very successful.

4) The new shopping complex is still on target to be completed in April. The Cooperative move in on completion but will not occupy until August, followed by Runner Bean and a Charity Shop (Bernados). Badhams will not be taking a unit, we thank Hans Ziebeck and Mark MacKenzie-Charrington for their lobbying to no avail.

5) The URPC cut the boundary hedge this month, it looks much better, albeit a shorter cut is required next year. Boundary Hedge Link. Suggest they add the task to the URPC agenda for an annual cut.

6) Pleased to report that there are 4 Picnic Benches positioned in the play park.

7) If anyone has any news why the village still does not have Village Hall after 13 nearly 14 months would they elaborate? (this was on last months round-up). Thankfully, it is on the Agenda again for Aprils URPC council meeting, surely a date is now finalised. £11,000 stamp duty and not £32,000 is mentioned on the April 4th Agenda.

8) Scaffolding is appearing on the outside of the Officers Mess Main Building. After years of decay work has long last begun, which is fantastic news. This week, demolition of the Officers Mess squash court and boiler house has begun.

9) Dog Mess – subject very emotive. Hopefully bins are to be placed around the village soon (this was on last months round-up).

10) EE Ltd, have submitted a new planning application for theInstallation of a 20m high telecoms mast and associated equipment cabinets – Land Off Sandy Lane Upper Rissington Gloucestershire

11) Farman Crescent bus shelter has been damaged again. Hopefully it ca
n be made good.

12) Annual Parish Meeting scheduled on the 20th April 2016. This is one you should attend and voice your opinions regarding the URPC and is thus very important.

Note About the Editor: Lives in the UAE and is therefore only relaying information from unchecked sources.

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