The “NEW” Runner Bean (GYM)

The new Runner Bean (Gym) is currently undergoing fit out in the new Village Square complex. As you can see the unit was left void of any walls, or any type of fitment including lighting/wash basins etc.


Runner Bean
Runner Bean

3 thoughts on “The “NEW” Runner Bean (GYM)

  1. Does any one know what classes they will be doing? The website is out of date but this pic looks like they will be doing spin? We joined a great gym in Blockley as RB didn’t do enough classes so hopeful that will improve and it’s not just ’80’s step and bums and tums ?

  2. I think there will be more classes as they are having a studio so Laura can do classes.

    From what I see the new GYM, is processing very nicely. I will get Jerry to post some Pics I took in the week.

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