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AW-logo-2013Albion Water have put together some frequently asked questions which may help you but if you have any questions or queries regarding your bill or water and waste water supplies, please contact Customer Services Team on 01451 600295 or 03300 242020


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Albion Water

Emergency Helpline 0800 917 5819
Customer Service Helpline 03300 242020
Our Customer Service Helpline is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 5.30pm excluding bank holidays.

Upper Rissington Village

  • Potable private mains system renewed and adopted by Albion Water.  AMR metering fitted where possible and check metering on shared supplies
  • Waste water and drainage infrastructure renewed where necessary and adopted by Albion Water (s102)
  • Existing private sewage treatment works (STW) adopted by Albion Water and program of works commenced to increase resilience to ensure regulatory and environmental compliance.

Victory Fields

  • New potable mains, connections and AMR meters installed.  New sewerage installed to be adopted under s104 WIA. New non-potable recycled water (green water) mains installed with connections and AMR meters.  Green water supplies for garden irrigation and toilet flushing. 
  • SuDS infrastructure and retention lake adopted and maintained by Albion Water
  • Kitchen sink macerators installed to collect organic food waste to STW (local government funded study)
  • Green open space maintenance undertaken as part of community sustainable development as handed over by developers on completion
  • Local woodland and wildflower meadows adopted by Albion Water to be managed as a sustainable ecological resource (biodiversity credits/ecosystem services).

Summary of benefits of Albion Water’s sustainable development program at Rissington

  • Private customers now receiving regulated water and sewerage services  at a discounted price to that of the incumbent (Thames Water)
  • Historic leakage reduced from c.2,500 litres to c.70 litres per property per day 
  • At Victory Fields potable water consumption will be reduced by c.40% through the use of green water
  • The estate is managed in a more sustainable manner and with growing community engagement
  • Albion Water adopts the SuDS and retention infrastructure as part of its sustainable community approach thereby reducing costs to the developers and ensuring flood events are managed and essential infrastructure is maintained
  • The impact of food disposal on local sewers and treatment processes is being evaluated for future incorporation into community energy and AD roll out at a local scale