Polly Sayers writes: (extract from Spring Newsletter 2015)

The allotment site is situated at the side of the Officers’ Mess and access to the plot is across the field between the squash building and the tennis courts. It is a north-facing slope and this means the site will take longer to warm up in the spring, which in turn makes the growing season much shorter.

We cannot change the aspect of the site but we can improve the soil over time. This will need lots of hard work and plenty of organic matter.

Running a successful allotment site is all in the planning and it is crucial to get this right at the beginning. There is no vehicle access or parking area planned. If vehicle access is not available it could prove difficult for some residents to access their allotment with tools, machinery and the much needed organic matter.

As I wrote in the last newsletter the Allotment Committee met with Peter Mason of Linden Homes in October 2014 and at that meeting we were asked to send some of our ideas for the development of the allotment site. The Parish Council wanted us to wait till they had taken advice from the National Allotment Society, but they have now had a meeting with an adviser from the Society and have come up with a list of ideas which have been sent to the developers. The Allotment Committee had already drawn up a list and sent it, so hopefully between the two of us we will get a really good result.

We, the Allotment Committee, would like this to be a big success for our community. We would like residents to get involved whether it be having an allotment, helping with maintenance or being on the Committee. Please help us make this a success for our village.

Picture of the planned Allotments.