A defibrillator is located outside the Village Hall on Wellington Road.

The AED (defibrillator) has been registered with the Ambulance Service and is now LIVE. It is located on the wall of Village Hall on Wellington Road, GL54 2QW, in a round yellow cabinet.

An AED is a sophisticated, reliable, safe, computerised device that delivers electric shocks to a casualty in cardiac arrest when the ECG rhythm is one that is likely to respond to a shock. Simplicity of operation is a key feature: controls are kept to a minimum, ‘voice and visual prompts’ guide rescuers.

How do I gain access?
After calling the Emergency Services at the patient side, you will be asked questions about the patient. If the Ambulance Control Room decide that an AED will help the patient and a response vehicle is still some distance away, they will check if an AED is close by. They will then ask if there is somebody who can collect the AED, and will give the access code to open the cabinet containing the portable AED.