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Upper Rissington Facebook Pages:

This is a revised link to the Village Facebook group managed by Dodd Folland. The link on this website (above) has also been revised.

I fully admit I am not on the group, but I believe there is a lively chatter about village matters. In other words a typical village with typical villagers, some using pseudonyms to create trouble and we know who some of these people are (therefore all is not what it seems). Ellen Longmore, amongst others is a name associated with one of these fictitious people – who used the phrase “Moaners and Groaners”. Check out FB to see what other person uses the same phrase and you will know the originator, it’s not difficult and very surprising.

Upper Rissington – Closed Group

Upper Rissington Village Hall – Community Page

Upper Rissington Dog Lovers – Closed Group

Upper Rissington Youth Club – Closed Group

Upper Rissington Little Hurricanes – Community Page

Upper Rissington and surrounding villages selling page – Closed Group

Victory Fields Resident Group – campaign for fibre broadband – Public Group

RAF Little Rissington, UK (USAF) – Public Group

RAF Little Rissington – unoffical page

RAF Little Rissington Elementary School – Community Page

RAF Little Rissington Photos and Memories

Little Rissington Kart Club – unofficial page

Little-Rissington Kart-Club – Small Business

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