Sheep Attacked By Dog – Church Westcote

Sheep Attacked By Dog – Church Westcote

  • Gloucestershire police incident 395 20/11/18

Police have received a report from a local landowner that 200 of his pregnant Ewes have been attacked between Monday 19th November and Tuesday 20th November in a field at Church Westcote. One sheep was badly mauled by what is thought to be a dog bite.

Dog owners are reminded to be mindful that lambing at some farms is now done in blocks and starts early. This will go through all the way to spring.

Please keep your dog on a lead in fields with live stock and it is best practice to pick up dog mess as this can cause sheep to give birth prematurely if the dog mess contains worms. A sheep cannot be treated for dog worms and will die.

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Cotswold Wildlife Crime Team

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