Skate Park Preparation on South Field, or is it?

Pictures Added: 13 December 2018

Notice the compacted land that does not conform to the original landscapes profile.

Added: 13 December 2018

Added: 8 November 2018

South Field is being landscaped and it would appear that it is being terraformed into the Skate Park Plans. Also, surplus and possible contaminated materials are being removed from site.

See below. Of course this is all supposition, until the true facts are known. 

 Skate Park Plans


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4 thoughts on “Skate Park Preparation on South Field, or is it?

  1. There was no skate park on the 2013 plans? Of course it’s supposition, the fuel tanks are still in place, lots more work to do yet! Twice or thrice no doubt!

  2. That’s not flat, on the South west side it’s still 2 metres above the road and we all know why! It is flat enough for all the water to lie stagnant on top of the clay though!

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