10 thoughts on “Smartflower

  1. Seen this before, even looked up the cost – it’s not cheap but what a great piece of kit. You would need a bit of clear land for it to be installed and have good sky access.

    1. The Beach????? Yep, could be a wasted investment, I agree. Costs below:

        POP:  £13,650
                  Smartflower POP+ 2.3:  Integrated 2.3 KWh Lithium storage (Victron)    £17,640
                  Smartflower POP+ 4.6:  Integrated 4.6 KWh Lithium storage (Victron)    £18,690
                  Smartflower POP+ 13.8:  Integrated 13.8 KWh Lithium storage (Victron)  £21,840

      Which battery pack – thats the question?

      1. monitor how much elec you use at night, bearing in mind in the winter months, daylight will be shorter

        1. Yep – viewed that VID already, the guy is impressed with it. It doesn’t quit cover our annual useage. When I am in the UK next will check out if there is a feasible location in the garden. Plus will ask the planners, if they approve.

          Think, it needs a house with a larger garden……

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