Snow – 18 Dec 2010

New HollandSnow – lots of it at Upper Rissington.

The adopted roads were cleared very quickly by this tractor.

Meanwhile, a snow blower cleared the industrial park that Reland administer.This same blower is then supposed to clear the unadopted residential roads, primarily Wellington Road 0 this was not done unfortunately. Residents, including the Snow Warden got together and decided to contact the driver of the tractor to clear Wellington Road.

Since then he’s done a fantastic job and now residents of the whole of Upper Rissington can now leave the area safely knowing the roads are not covered in deep snow.

5 thoughts on “Snow – 18 Dec 2010

  1. Well after another year I thought not being stuck with piles of snow so decided to contact the snow warden to see what action could done

    After a few phone calls we managed to get the chap with the tractor to come round and help and what a great. Job he has done Thank you.

  2. They’ve done a very good job; I walked round that way this morning with Archie. In fact I think better than the rest of the village.

    I hear a car parked on the road in front of the Co-Op was hit be a delivery lorry that couldn’t stop skidding on the snow.

  3. I cleared our Rd yet again and the two folk who normally help and say thank you did

    This morning was out doing Wellington Rd and have to say those folk with 4X4 who have no time of day for folk get right up my nose and they know who they are (Jack). The only person who acknowledge was the Ambulance chaps who came down this way.

    Anyway all who sit there on there fat backside need to get the shovle out help life would then be so much sweeter.

  4. Amazed at how many residents, especially those with 4 wheel drives think it necessary to drive over grassed area – when you would think with their vehicles they would have very little difficulty whatsoever driving on roads. Bizarre to say the least and shows the absolute mentality of these people.

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